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Prin$e William Says They're ‘’Watching Me’’

Do you think music should impact you? Prin$e William uses lyrical skill and heavy beats, samples, and chilling voices to create a musical illusion.

Prin$e William was born and raised in Southwest Houston, Texas. Since 2011, he has been developing and recording music, releasing a number of tracks that exhibit his versatility by varying in style.

Prin$e William is a rapper who combines funk and experimental music with lyrical styles from the past. His craft has been dramatically impacted and inspired by musicians like Mac Miller, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and A$AP Rocky.

‘’Watching Me’’ is the third single in Prin$e William’s album Glitch. All the songs begin with white noise and transition into a prodigious rap, a very interesting selection that leaves the listener stunned. Most of the songs have a mysterious vibe that sets the tone for the meaningful lyrics.

The song opens with static, some eerie lines, and a spine-tingling scream and sample line. You then get hit with a wave of rap. The song then transitions to a beat with lots of bass and powerful words that make you want to dance and jump. This is one of those powerful songs that crowds love at concerts.

Allow Prin$e William's rap to engulf you and induce dancing. Always have a strong emotional impact when listening to music, and this song succeeds in doing just that.

What is the main source of inspiration for your music?

Remember where I started 10 years ago, and never forget the moment I fell in love with creating.

Can you describe the creative process behind "Glitch"?

Growing up, I listened to three 6 mafia and other Memphis artists. I used to envision myself making that same style of music, so it was a matter of using my type of flow over phonk beats and seeing what happens.

What message do you want to transmit to your listeners with the white noise in your songs?

That this project is something different and not as popular making it a glitch in the world of hip-hop, also, I thought it sounded dope.

How would you describe yourself compared to how others view you?

Ambitious, self-sufficient, self-driven, self-motivated. Someone who loves the craft and is only concerned with being the best version of myself.

What's next for you?

More music, more visuals, and growing as an artist.


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