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Prince Von is Melodic With Authenticity in "Time"

With the influence of a Christian upbringing, American-born music recording artist Prince Von hails from Illinois as a songwriter and composer who creates a unique style of Hip-hop, Pop, and R&B.

At the age of 5, he found his passion for music by learning to play the violin. As he grew older, he realized his love for music would expand into the realm of singing. Now, carrying a vibrant sound that he hopes will bring his fan base closer to their spiritual side, Prince Von is here with his single, “Time.”

As we enter this musical piece with the introduction of soothing acoustic guitar riffs, the manner in which “Time” commences, has us fully engaged in what’s to follow.

The meticulous formula of melodic loops that take over the soundscape brings you into a comforting wave of new wave Hip-hop. What we admire the most about Prince Von has to be how the lyrical content he reiterates to his audience has you gripping on to the edge of your seat as you dissect his dexterity as a wordsmith and true musical talent. You can hear how his buttery cadences glide across this composition in a way that has you latching onto lyrical motifs such as, ‘I got that strength in me. Got that flame flickerin’ round my soul.’ Another collaboration with producer extraordinaire, Rapzilla, has us encountering their dynamic through a top-tier mix and emotion that is worn on Prince Von’s sleeve.

Being an uncanny duo that has us feeling sentiments that you didn’t know were there, the power that these two transmit when on the same track is rather remarkable. “Time,” is profound with the honesty that leaps from the speakers. Taking us into the factual songwriting of Prince Von that delves deep into the chronicles of his life, we take away layers of authenticity that help us shape our love for the emerging artist that much more.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Prince Von, and congratulations on the release of “Time.” We love your dynamic with Rapzilla, and how you come together to bring us a sonic delicacy of truth. What was it like working together in order to bring this vision to life?

Working with Rapzilla was great! I originally had submitted my music to Rapzilla’s live critique show, in hopes of getting pointers for my new song “Time”. Once the host of the show heard the song, he gave it a 10/10 rating. The owner of Rapzilla, Chad Horton, messaged me after the show and asked if I would be interested in partnering on the release. This was a huge opportunity for me since I had previously released all my songs on my own. After signing with Rapzilla, we networked over the upcoming project and discussed several business aspects of the process. The communication was smooth, and the Rapzilla team was very helpful in adding insight. I enjoyed the overall process.

Could you please share the significance of this song to you as the artist behind the songwriting? What would you like your audience to grasp from the themes you showcase?

The inspiration for the song came to me while reminiscing about a very dark time in my life. Specifically, the song describes the time where I lived in a trap house. The danger, dreams of a better life, and the eventual transition to joining the military for a more stable life, all highlight the song from beginning to end. As the writer, I want people to know my story. I want people to see and hear how I overcame great hardships with God and determination. I hope someone listening can become motivated to change their life for the better after hearing and seeing it from my own testimony.

What musical and non-musical influences speak into your unique sound? Do you find that the music scene in Illinois plays into the sound you’ve developed?

I grew up listening to all genres of music and favored hip hop, r&b, and pop. When I began writing music, I decided to create a combination of the three genres. I don’t think I have a significant influence per se, but I have molded my sound and flows from artists like Roddy Rich, Gunna, and 1kphew. Illinois has a hip-hop scene that features drill music out of Chicago. I’ve always felt it wasn’t really my style, but I’ve become confident talking about pain and struggle after hearing many artists from the Chicago scene depict it through their records. I would say a non-music influence I have is my Christian upbringing. I only create clean music (without profanity) due to my morality.

What has been the best piece of advice that you’ve been given throughout your career thus far?

The best advice I’ve received in my career so far came from another fellow artist named Paul Hernandez. I told him I was struggling to perfect my new upcoming music. He encouraged me to keep making music, and that you can’t expect to make a hit song every release. I now feel like I’ve come to terms with that.

What's next for you?

Currently, I’m working on several different projects that will hopefully be releasing soon. I’m in the process of collaborating with artists such as Xay Hill, Jada Moseley, and Kevin White. I’m hoping to push out more tracks featuring other upcoming artists now that my name is growing. I’m blessed to be in the position where I am now.


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