Princesa Kiarichikito Is Over The “HeartBreak”

Princesa Kiarichikito is a talented rapper/singer and lyricist from Memphis, TN. Involved heavily in the arts, Princesa Kiarichikito also write poetry, is a designer, and is a brand ambassador bfor multiple apparel brands. The 26 year old has had a passion for music for a few years now, she has yet to perform live but when she does you better be on the lookout for this young up and comer.

Princesa Kiarichikito’s track “HeartBreak” was written when she was going through a particularly hard time with someone. Right off the bat you can hear the emotion and raw energy in her vocals. I love the R&B.hip-hop back beat, it’s refreshing and alluring but Princesa Kiarichikito’s vocals steal the show. She uses her music and poetry as an outlet for her true emotions. It’s incredibly admirable for an artist to be vulnerable and allow their fans to relate and connect with them. We can’t get enough of Princesa Kiarichikito’s versatility and creativity. I highly recommend you check out this track and stay on the lookout for what’s next for Princesa Kiarichikito.

Listen to “HeartBreak” here and read more below in our interview with Princesa Kiarichikito!

How did you get started making music? What made you decide to take it more seriously?

Before I even had proper studio time, I went online, downloaded and brought some beats and started writing to them. I would rehearse in my bathroom once the song was completed but still didn’t manage studio time until last June. I don’t think I’m taking it anymore serious than my other passions, but whenever I feel like one beat fits a song perfectly than I write to it and head to the studio when i have time.

What emotions did you have to channel when writing “HeartBreak”?

The emotions I channeled were fed up, overly emotional, and anger. I wanted to express how i felt more sensual but all the same time I was mad and feeling useless to guys in general.

It seems like this song is very personal to you! Can you talk more about the meaning of the lyrics?

Its semi-personal. When i was writing this song, I channeled all the things guys would say to me or do for me and I realize that it would annoy me or cause me frustration and I felt like I was running in circles. This song helped me speak out on how I felt towards them when they behaved certain ways.

Who are your musical influences? How do you draw inspiration from them?

I have tons of artist that i adore and obsess over but for influences I would say, I don’t have any. I believe being yourself and creating works that not only inspire but makes people feel it is important. I think being artist is expressing yourself and who you are so channeling other artist in my music wasn’t the plan but I still enjoy great artists and their works.

What’s next for you and your music career?

For me hopefully pursuing my goals and dreams for my career, I’m not too sure but high hopes always.

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