PRINS Releases Catchy New Hit "Oh Well"

PRINS is a fresh up and coming Pop/Electro artist from New Zealand. Young and determined, she is headed full force into the music industry in September with her debut single and music video, "Tell Me". Excited to follow it up, her second single "Oh Well" is ready for release with a third single and EP in the wings. PRINS, is an Auckland born singer songwriter, actor, dancer and model. From the age of five, her passion for the arts has been her fuel for needing to succeed in music. Spending the last five years in Christchurch, NZ, she has been establishing herself by gaining live performance experience. Ready to launch again, she has no intention of leaving the industry any time soon. Her single “Oh Well” from my listening perspective is a love bop about a girl realizing she doesn’t need the man she was once vying for. “Oh well, maybe this time I’ll convince myself. Oh well, that I deserve a love that makes me melt”. She’s realizing her self-worth and walking away from someone who doesn’t hold her at a high pedestal the way she deserves to be held at as a woman. It’s a single many women can relate too and also get groovy to the tasteful and danceable beat. I love how she was able to create a fun song that enhances your motivation to dance while connecting with feelings. She successfully executed this in a way for this song to become a hit! You can listen to the single here and follow “PRINS” on her social media where you can stay up to date with her next move.

Check out our exclusive interview with PRINS and be sure to listen to her new single "Oh Well".

How is it living in New Zealand? How has living in New Zealand influenced your artistry?

I Love living in NZ! Although being overseas in bigger countries would provide a greater opportunity for me to network through the music industry, we are very lucky to have the power of internet now to make those connections so much easier. I thought for a while this could've hindered my process however, looking with glass half full, I would like to take advantage of the fact that there is less competition here in NZ. Hopefully this will assist in making a statement in the industry.

“Oh Well” sounds like it’s going to become a hit! What inspired you to write this song?  

Thank you so much! This song was inspired by a very abusive and toxic relationship I was involved in a number of years ago. I guess for me the track is a resilience message to myself and anyone else who may have been through something similar. A real chance to come back with a "don't mess with me" attitude. 

Speaking of songwriting, do you take any outside inspirations from your environment or life that you can incorporate into lyrics?

I strongly believe that to make your mark in music you need to have a completely original, distinctive sound. I try my best not to be influenced by anything when writing that way it's 100% my own. In saying this, it can make it more difficult for people to catch on to something "different" - but if you're able to do it, like many great artists, your music should become timeless. 

How much do you relate to your own single “Oh Well”?

I relate to 'Oh Well' in every way possible. It was created from real emotions and experiences which have played a huge impact on my life in a positive way.

What are your plans for 2019?

My plans for 2019 are very exciting! They involve a second single + EP which are being released early next year after which I'm looking to start performing live. There's also a collaboration or two in the mix before I look at writing the next EP later next year. I'm rearing to go!   

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