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Priscilla Ariana Hits Us With a Wake-Up Call in, "Violet Hour"

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and pop artist Priscilla Ariana releases her highly anticipated and empowering single entitled "Violet Hour."

The young singer-songwriter felt music coursing through her veins at a young age, which led her to join the Honors Chambers Ensemble and Nothing But Treble A Cappella group at Loyola Academy, Wilmette. More recently, Priscilla Ariana is studying Music Business, Songwriting, and Music Production at Berklee College of Music.

Livening our spirits with her soulful and motivational single, "Violet Hour," Priscilla Ariana delves into the struggle of prioritizing her relationship while attempting to work towards her goals and dreams. When speaking on the single, Priscilla Ariana had this to say, "This song is for all who have felt silenced, and I hope you know how much power you possess.”

Hitting play on "Violet Hour," the song kicks off with a smooth saxophone melody, light percussion, and chilling background vocals. As Priscilla Ariana enters the song, she begins to elaborate on her fear of regret and not seizing each opportunity that knocked on her door. As the song begins to pick up in pace and tempo, Priscilla Ariana continues her incredibly powerful vocal performance that truly rings similarities to the late great Amy Winehouse.

We genuinely appreciate the relatable and wise lyrical content that Priscilla Ariana offers in this single, as she reminds listeners to hold their inner power and wear it with pride as they analyze what no longer serves them. As Priscilla Ariana leads us to the hearty outro of this dynamic piece, she leaves us with this well-rounded sensation of confidence that's equally as infectious as it is exhilarating.

Get your dose of motivation with help from Priscilla Ariana's latest single, "Violet Hour," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

It's a pleasure to have you with us at BuzzMusic Priscilla. We always appreciate a powerful, authentic, and inspirational listening experience, similar to your latest single, "Violet Hour." What inspired you to create a song based on finding your own voice and steering away from society's molds?

I’ve grown up with great powerful women in my life so it wasn’t anything to do with a lack of mentors but I feel it has come because this year I turned 20. Being no longer a teenager I’m reflecting on who I am now and who I want to be. This is a time of transformation, self-worth, and positivity. I’m shy usually but I’ve learned to be confident in myself and my thoughts. in the past if I was in an uncomfortable conversation I would usually listen and stay quiet when something was said I didn’t agree with…now I shed my opinion to either be educated or to educate. This goes for everything in your life!! Be confident and have no regrets. Just follow your heart.

What did you want the listener to take away and feel after experiencing your empowering lyricism within "Violet Hour?" What impact did you want this song to make?

Violet Hour is describing the night I was awakened. Having anxiety I would usually go to sleep with panic attacks thinking of everything I have to do and being upset with myself with where I am at and not doing enough. I think the song I wrote: “every night is the same reminiscing and repeating every word you say pacing the floor and still not knowing who I am anymore." It’s explaining a panic attack. Being a people pleaser is a curse…when I say “I think of you before I think of me”. I want people to think of themselves. I want them to know they have a voice that is so powerful

Who produced your single "Violet Hour?" What sort of sonic atmosphere were you aiming to achieve with this single's overall sound and vibe?

I definitely wanted to switch from the pop realm I was in with Toxic Energy in my last single. My vocal coach Elena Koleva from Berklee is a fabulous jazz artist. I honestly just loved the repertoire and fell in love with jazz music. Before Berklee, I didn’t love as I do now.

For "Violet Hour" I wanted the song to be sultry and jazzy…soulful raw and imperfect.

Did you have any artistic influences in mind when creating "Violet Hour"? Were you inspired by any musicians or songwriters when navigating your way through your creative process?

Definitely, I was really inspired by KaliUchis and her beautiful sound with a mixture of some of my favorite artists - Amy Whinehouse, Christina Aguilera (Burlesque), and Lady Gaga

They all have a uniqueness to their voice in their lower register and are filled with so much passion and power!! Definitely these influences in mind. Lyrically I go off of rules I’ve learned from school and also just my natural instinct. The lyrics took a while to fall in love with but now I am very proud!

Would you say that "Violet Hour" is a solid follow-up to your previous single, "Toxic Energy?" How do these singles track your personal growth?

Definitely! I feel that it not only shocked the audience but also told them that I am growing and finding new parts of my voice and that I love so many different types of music you never really know what kind of song I’m going to do next. Each story has a sound of its own and sometimes a genre of its own.

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