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Producer/DJ Clinton Tarantino Perfectly Executes His Sound In Latest Track “Don’t Stop"

Clinton Tarantino is a music producer and DJ based in San Diego, CA. The sound Clinton creates is definitely a fascinating one. Clinton adds unique elements to his mixes by integrating various sounds we don’t normally hear in DJ tracks. DJ’s and producers tend to stick to one elemental sound throughout their tracks, but Clinton really breaks this “threshold” of how many different genres can be blended together. We have to say we were impressed with Clinton’s artistic abilities, and once listening to his latest track, we knew he’d be the perfect artist to feature next. 

Clinton Tarantino really produces a great track with latest release “Don’t Stop”! We don’t normally review producers/DJ's, however Clinton’s work had to be reviewed! The beats curated in “Don’t Stop” really make us not want to stop (listening that is). The synths and melodies are flamboyant, fun and full of feel-good vibes. At around the two-minute mark, Clinton introduces vocals into the track, which effortlessly blend with the rhythms. Deciding what kind of lyricism and quality of vocals to add to your track as a DJ can be difficult, and not always executed perfectly. It takes a pretty good ear to know what type of sound needs to be integrated within a predominantly instrumental song. However, Clinton really delivered on this element of the track, and we aren’t all that surprised he created a track that is memorable and easy-going, due to his incredible knowledge and experience within the music industry. We’re definitely keeping tabs with this artist, as his mixing skills aren’t one to forget. 

Listen to "Don't Stop" here and get to know more about Clinton Tarantino below!

Hey Clinton! Tell our readers what the most important element to your music is!

The most important element of my music is melody. I’m a sucker for good melodies and I love for my music to reflect it, the flooring feels type chord progressions and melodies. It’s always on the forefront of anything I typically work in, just barely in front of groove & bass!

As both a producer and DJ, you must have a totally different creation process. Tell us more about how you go about curating your tracks. 

Typically when I start a track, I always try to think of how it’ll fit into my sets as well as making it versatile for anyone else to play it in their DJ sets. I am somewhat opposed to the current trend in music (making sub 3 minute songs,) I enjoy letting most of my compositions arrangements breathe while still keeping it interesting to let the music take you on a grooving melodic journey, it’s one of my favorite elements of the genre. I typically start with playing my keyboard and a drum kit in Machine, laying down a loop in Ableton Live for whatever particular part of the song I decide to emphasize when starting with to draw creative inspiration from and the rest goes from there!

What artist do you think would complement  “Don’t Stop” the most, if recreating the track?

That artist would have to be Spencer brown. He is on top of his game right now and came in strong in the scene over the last few years in the genre of progressive house and has been a major inspiration to me.

What kind of tracks are you set to release in the rest of 2019?

You can look forward to listening to some new styles outside of my normal genre (Progressive House) in many of my upcoming releases soon this year, with labels as well as independently. I am looking forward to releasing a bangin’ Drumcode Style Techno EP myself called June Gloom with my own melodic twist on it. Beyond that on my horizon, I have a lot of good House music on the way. They are some of my favorite works to date with a lot of cultural flavor! A lot of it is gonna be deep progressive house type stuff, that I’ve really been enjoying lately.

Are you currently set to perform anywhere in the near future?

You can catch me every third Tuesday of the month at Winston’s Beach Club in Ocean Beach, San Diego as I head into releasing my next couple EP’s & Singles. I keep my website as well as my Spotify detailed with the latest up to date information so you’ll be able to catch me as dates and venues are added!


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