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Progressive Metal Band Set/Display Release Their Single "Reckoning"

Now here’s a progressive metal band based out of Houston by the name of Set/Display. Drawing inspiration from a variety of influences like Periphery and Tesseract, Being As an Ocean and Architects. Set/Display released their debut album, The Reckoning, April 20th, 2018. They are currently gearing up for a Midwest Tour in the spring of this year. Set/Display is also working on a second EP that we can't wait to hear! Bringing us a track off the latest album, let’s check out “Reckoning”.

What immediately catches my eye is the cover art. So many bands and artists fail to think about their cover art, in my opinion. I love how they capture your attention, before even diving into the song. When you hit play, the intro grabs your attention and pulls you in, all within the first 30 to 60 seconds. They're really giving it their all and showing the world what they can bring forward into the current music scene. At first you are smitten by the way Set/Display lyrically and musically draws you in so softly and then it slowly gets you going with a nice buildup throughout the beginning of "Reckoning"...then it hits you with intensity! Set/Display deliver a full on metal rock anthem that we can't get enough of! Set/Display has a sound influenced by other but truly made by them!

Listen to "Reckoning" here -- Find out what Set/Display is up to next with their music, with our exclusive BuzzMusic interview below!

Hey guys! Could you please introduce yourselves to our readers?

Hello, we’re Josue Delgado, Chase Czajkowski, Mitch Mackert, and Renzon Garcia, and we’re a band from Houston, Texas called Set/Display.

What’s the story behind your name?

It’s funny because we could totally make some shit up about how it’s about setting a good example to follow, but the real story’s not that deep. Chase was nodding off in his high school government class, but before he dozed off, he saw a button on the projector that read “display settings,” and thought, “huh.” He woke up and Set/Display still sounded pretty cool to him, and we all agreed.

As a metal band, do you endure any struggles in the music industry?

There’s a few we can think of. It’s naturally not the most accessible genre, especially when you’re throwing screams on top of distorted guitars. Add some odd timing to the mix, and it really becomes a gamble of whether or not your music is fun enough for the listener to give you a second listen. We like to think we’ve got a good balance between catchy and complex, and we give our all during our live game, so hopefully people agree.

How did you choose “Reckoning” to be on the album?

Reckoning’s just one of those jams that turned out to be a banger. It’s bouncy, it’s sentimental, and it’s got an overall positive message. When the song was complete, we just knew it had to be the title track.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song?

Reckoning was inspired by the general theme we were working around during the writing process, and more directly, it tackles both grand and small scale issues our world is currently facing. It’s written from the perspective of mankind pleading for redemption after being put on trial for our destructive habits, including the way we treat people and the way we treat our planet. It sounds dark, but there’s a lot of optimism in the lyrics.

Working as a group, do you guys face any challenges in the creation process? How do you overcome them?

Oh, absolutely. There’s times where one of us will come up with what we might think is a great idea, but it’ll get shot down by another member. You learn to understand that not every musical idea is a hit, even if it initially feels like it’s a personal dig. Every member of the band wants the best for the band, so it’s important to trust everybody’s judgment.

What's next for the band in 2019?

Set’s going on our first tour through the Midwest in March, actually! We’re also in the writing process of the next record, though we’re not sure when any new music is going to be released. It shouldn’t be too long, there’s a new song in our set list that we’re thinking of putting out as a single for people to sink their teeth into while they wait for new jams!


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