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Promises Promises Reveal Striking Realities "About the Heart"

Alt/Punk-Rock band Promises Promises are here to smash expectations with their eclectic take on the music scene. As a vibrant group, Promises Promises knows how to keep the listening experience as vivid as possible, always working to instill a sense of pure vitality across listening ears. The band's latest release, "About the Heart," inspires various conversations about the path to healing from heartbreak. If you're really listening to the song's content, you'll learn a ton more about the raw realities that ensue from such a tribulation.

Raging guitar riffs immediately pierce the air and simultaneously introduce the expectations of the song's productional quality. "About the Heart" brings bouts of realistic truths regarding heartbreak and all the forms that heartbreak can take over, with forwarding descriptions of the feelings surrounding cases of the blues, especially when such blues arise from anguish.

The narrative plays a vital role within the track and contrasts nicely with the projected melody. Once arriving at the mid-point of "About the Heart," the beat transcends into an elaborate collection of harmonious sounds, including jazz-like instrumentals, combined with an impressionable drumming presence. Up until that point, the production followed an eerily similar path to some early 00s alt/rock contributions. Yet, Promises Promises added that spark of contemporary sound, which only further worked to amplify the song's essence. Ultimately, "About the Heart" brings levels of acrimony, authenticity, and realistic interpretations of agony that are easily understood by listeners.

Considering the powerful lyricism presented within "About the Heart", would you say that such expressions derived from the song were reflective of a specific experience any of you have undergone? On the whole, the lyrics of the first batch of songs were all the result of a rough time in my life and helped me to at least turn it into something positive. About the heart is probably not a description of a real event, but a mix of ideas to describe the feelings of desperation but also tinged with hope for the future. What was the most impactful component of creating "About the Heart?" How did the song work to shape you as an artist after it had been completed? It was the first song that was recorded as more or less a full band rather than just myself and pals, I think you can hear that. It’s also a continuation of the progress that we’ve made as the songs are getting better all the time which is great. Were there any apparent obstacles presented whilst writing and recording "About the Heart?" What kind of steps ensue once an obstacle is presented within the music-making process? With the pandemic this year, music has taken a backseat really so it’s been a long process. Probably a year in total from the first session to the last, which has largely been individuals heading into the studio when allowed. On the positive side of that, it means there hasn’t been any rush to finish and lots of time for tweaking. Now that "About the Heart" has been released, are there any future releases set to debut in the near future? Has the band ever considered producing their own holiday-inspired music? We have a new single ‘Midnight’ coming out on New Year’s Eve. We decided to clear the decks for this year and also as a thank you for everyone’s support. 2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

It has been. We’ve been lucky in that we had recordings started before lockdown so there were things to work on, so the inspiration has rolled over from before. As far as this year goes, it’s difficult with very little of normal life going on to feel inspired. So I think it’s pretty normal if people are struggling to be creative, it’s a time to do what makes you happy at the moment and not worry too much, it’ll come back.


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