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PROMKNGHT Breeds A Charming Aura In His Latest Release, “Jealous”.

Always laid-back, PROMKNGHT graces us with this summer hit, ready to be explored across all continents.

This phenomenon is PROMKNGHT but was born by Phajean 'Shamir' Francis. He laid the first stone as an artist simply as a hobby, which has evolved into a fantastic, successful career. He blends the most unthinkable music genres like RnB Afrobeats and many laid undertones like the 90's era, and you can tell that the many influences he had growing up have made him into an all-round artist, one who isn't afraid to use their voice or explore with sound.

With this captivating record, PROMKNGHT mentally flew to Africa and many other places to gather some of the best sounds to create the masterpiece "Jealous." His resourcefulness allows him to switch voices, change melodies, and bring a new mood to the industry.

With PROMKNGHT being more infectious than ever, the record "Jelous" has many stories to tell, one where he meets an elegant lady and wishes to be with her, telling us different scenarios that paint a vivid picture for us to visualize. He emphasizes lyrics like "No negative energy, just you and me baby." PROMKNGHT experiences feelings and sees cues like most people do, as he mentions many times, and that can perfectly explain the title of the song "Jealous."

"Jealous" has the listeners tamed! It brings a sublime balance and is a sheer summer anthem, perfect for a beach chill or outdoor gathering. PROMKNGHT aims to please as he has done with his previous records, proving time only makes you better when you spend it working on your craft.

A shining star in the midst of the dark, PROMKNGHT captivates his audience, leading the pack to a point in history that is never to be forgotten. Stream "Jealous," available on all streaming platforms whenever you're ready.


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