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Prospect Mundo Releases His Single “Sooner Than Later”

Prospect Mundo released the single titled “Sooner Than Later” and you can catch the musical breeze and find yourself comforted with the aura it presents! The introduction climaxes in dynamics to add a nice dramatic effect to get you settled in with the song. “Sooner Than Later” has this atmospheric sensual energy surrounding the song where you can paint a picture of lust, seduction, and romance. The romantic lyrics delivered a strong R&B delivery in not only the vocals but the melody as well. Everything was emotionally convicted and incorporated the style of autotune to correctly match the pitch of the song! The lyrics in “Sooner Than Later” are highly poetic in my opinion. The raunchy sex appeal it has is just a small portion of how metaphorically romantic everything is. “Sooner Than Later” is the perfect song to create a vibe between you and a special someone and curate the moment you’re hoping to curate between the both of you. The aura is especially fitting for a late night drive, due to the slowed down tempo and subdued images you’re bound to manufacture in your head! Prospect Mundo undeniably gave me a song I can add to my smooth-jam playlists.

Catch Prospect Mundo's "Sooner Than Later" on Spotify, and scroll below for the artists personalized interview!

Chat and stay connected with Prospect Mundo on the artists Instagram!


Mind telling us a little bit about yourself and where you're from?

I'd say the best way to describe myself is a by-product of the city I'm from, Toronto, Canada. Having moved around a bit growing up I never claimed one part of the city as my own so I adjusted to where I was and it made me who I am today, Prospect Mundo. I like to tell intimate stories that i've either went through or observed in my life, Music is like therapy and its keeping me sane.

When writing "Sooner Than Later' did you have any inspiration?

My inspiration for this track was based on a significant woman in my life and the conflict we were going through at the time, referring to what we wanted in our individual live's, reflecting that "I needed time to grow" and that I needed the time to work on myself before I could be there for her. It's also about reconnecting with her and realizing her worth hence the line "you bloomed over time"

What's the meaning behind "Sooner Than Later"?

The title of the track encapsulated everything I was trying to say with this record, "Sooner Than Later" is reflecting on what was between us, that no matter how long it takes for either of us to bloom (grow) that it would happen sooner than later, I make reference to that growth through the track in different ways.

How would you personally describe your music style?

My sound is still developing but at this time I would say it's Melodic RnB, my releases so far all sound different and I'm learning that I'm still capable of more variation, I'm pushing my voice as much as possible to get the best results so look for more unique sounds in the future.

Any upcoming releases we can anticipate from you?

My next single will be coming a'lot sooner than later, I'll be switching it up a bit and going over a more uptempo beat, to show my versatility. I'm trying to prove overtime that I'm in a lane of my own, the next one is 100% different from my past releases with a more modern day sound but still with the Prospect Mundo vibes that my current supporters are familiar with.


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