Prynce P & Friends Release New Song "The Triple D Cypher”

"The Triple D Cypher” is one huge ball of lyrical onslaught wrapped up in a huge cypher of 14 emcees. Created by Rapper himself Prynce P, these well known, hot emcee’s consists of, Big Tuck, Mr. Pookie, Headkrack, Rakim Al-Jabbaar, Keynote, Alsace Carcione, Eclipse Darkness, Teleoso, Microphone Lewis, Motian, Ritchy Flo, IQ Muzic, Pyrnce P, and Bobby Fisha. As you should know, cyphers are group of emcees get together and donate their lyrical bombs in circular fashion hitting us upside the head with rhyme after rhyme from one lyricist to the next.

With their single titled “The Triple D Cypher” these emcees delivered verses of various different topics, just simply lyrically stating whatever was on their mind with multiple flows combining into one intricate collaboration, all while blending together well. Each verse was dominant and vicious in delivery all while remaining substantial over an outgoing yet trendy fun beat. The track is not too lengthy either, with it being right under four minutes for us to quickly get absorbed by the music. Their verses are so intriguing it’ll keep the listener shook and on edge for what's next, acquiring your full attention to a point where you'll never get tired of it. So Listeners with a jagged taste in music will definitely consider this track phenomenal.

Learn more about Prynce P and his music journey through our exclusive #BuzzMusic interview. You can check out the song here and follow this prodigy on social media.

What sparked your interest in Rap Music and Hip Hop?

I’ve always been involved with music since I was a kid. I have a lot of musicians in my family, so music is in my blood. What sparked my interest in RAP was the fact that its poetry with rhythm. I mean, that’s what RAP stands for, Rhythm and Poetry. Me being Persian and knowing that some of the greatest poets in the world came from where I came from made me love RAP. To put rhythm behind your poetry over a beat is just magical.

How long have you been an Emcee? Do you remember when you began?

As I stated previously, I’ve been doing music all of my life but did not record my first song until 2001. To be honest, the first song that I recorded was just for fun and nothing serious but within a few weeks, it had over 100,000 downloads which made me be more serious about music.

Which has been your favorite aspect of the music career thus far for you?

I love the creative process. To drive with the windows down, to come up with an idea for a song, to call your producer, to meet at the studio, to work on the beat, to write to the beat, to pick the right featuring artist for the song, to complete the song, to have the song either get played on the radio or a big event. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to see the fruit of your labor. As you know, progress brings happiness.

How fun has it been collaborating with other rap emcees?

You mean to be able to collaborate with musicians who you grew up listening to? The feeling is surreal and beautiful…

How do you usually approach other artists for collaboration?

It all depends on the beat and the mood of the song. Based on that, I have my management team at The Valley of the Kings Studio reach out to them. I’ve worked with platinum and Grammy musicians for over a decade, so my musical resume is strong which helps with this process.

What’s next for you in 2019 Prynce?

I released the biggest Hip-Hop compilation in Dallas, TX history in 2016. I released the biggest Cypher in Dallas, TX history in 2018. For 2019, I am working on a crucial song about our planet. An apology letter to Mother Earth for what we have done featuring one of the greatest lyricist of all time, K Rino and 2 up and coming future stars, Motian and Bubba (Loyal Sally Band). Most do music for money and fame. I do music to start a movement.

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