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Prynce P Reminds Us To Go Green in, “My Apology”

Coming in hot from Dallas, Texas, the poetic rapper, singer-songwriter, and hip-hop artist Prynce P pays tribute to mother nature with his latest music video, "My Apology."

The successful hip-hop artist has seen vast critical acclaim in over seventy magazines while also garnering extensive radio airplay. When one thinks of Prynce P, they're bound to think of conceptual and poetic bars, as he never fails to shine a light on necessary topics while using his platform for the greater good.

Expanding on his recent music video, "My Apology," Prynce P offers a sincere apology to mother nature, which might be too late. When asked about the music video's purpose, Prynce P stated, "This song is meant to remind us all that she is hurting and that we need to take action. Let's put away our differences aside and unite so we can help make this place a better home for the future generations to come."

As we begin watching the heartbreaking music video for "My Apology," the visuals open with scenes of our deteriorating earth and all its animals who've been harshly impacted by our selfish ways. Moving onto the passionate and reflective performance by Motian as he raps in an abandoned hotel. He deepens the song's emotional atmosphere merely through the saddened look on his face.

With help from shots of polluted oceans, oil spills, washed-up animals, and other species attempting to survive within the treacherous garbage-filled areas, we can't help but feel our hearts tremble in pain at the sight of these unforgiving scenes.

Watch Prynce P's highly conceptual and necessary music video, "My Apology," on YouTube, and remind yourself to take the needed steps to create a safer environment for years to come.

Hello Prynce P, thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. We must thank you for creating such a needed music video like "My Apology." What inspired you to create a music video surrounding our earth's unstable and polluted environment?

First and foremost, thank you Buzz-Music for always covering my new projects. To answer your first question, I am obsessed with nature and hate the fact that we as human beings are destroying it. I usually walk an average of 6 miles a day. This is my getaway from the busy lifestyle that I have created for myself. It’s my way to connect with nature and to recharge. Sadly, during my walks, I always see trash on the ground. Obviously, I pick them up and throw them away, but it blows my mind how some people can be so lazy and careless to trash our planet. Do they not realize that this is our HOME? Ahhh! I should stop before I get really mad!

Could you break down the meaning behind specific scenes within your music video, "My Apology?” What role does the contemplative Indigenous man play within the video, and how does he help emphasize the go-green mentality?

This is an excellent question! My director Nima T wrote the treatment for this video. He wanted to portray life, in the modern-day through the eyes of an indigenous man. Throughout history, the indigenous population around the world has always valued and cared for the earth. Perhaps, due to their strong spiritual beliefs versus contemporary humans who do nothing but consume and produce waste. A perfect scene that illustrates this indifference is the bar scene where the musicians are singing about what is happening to the earth, but the crowd seems to be unbothered by the message because they’re too focused on themselves.

Did you work alongside any directors when planning and executing the scenes within "My Apology?” How did the director(s) help emphasize the video's meaning and concept?

I came up with the idea for the song and chose some of my favorite musicians to be featured in it. When the song was mixed and mastered, I needed a powerful video to complete my vision. I chose Nima T who I mentioned earlier because his creative mind is as crazy as mine. He called me and told me his idea and wrote the treatment within a few hours. His script was inspired by a quote which in summary states: “Only when we cut the last tree, and poison the last river...we’ll realize, we can’t eat money.” We both felt like the script was a powerful representation of that quote and the current neglect that’s going on in regards to people not caring for our beautiful planet.

Are you usually one to touch on rather necessary and big-picture topics, similar to your lyrical approach within "My Apology?”

Absolutely! As a musician, I have a responsibility to touch souls with what’s important around us. I rather use my platform to help make a difference.

What's next for you, Prynce P?

I wish I knew…. Prynce P is my alter ego who comes up with all the crazy and creative ideas. At times, it’s hard to keep up with him, but he keeps me on my toes and spices up my life. So, I am excited to see what’s next as well… He is the one who wakes me up at 3 am because of another crazy idea. Don’t mean to scare you, I am Prynce P, but at times, my mind creates way faster than I can keep up with haha.

Photo By: Andrew Sherman


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