Punk-Rock Meets Rap With Krosst Out

Music has always been in the blood of this young small town rapper Krosst Out who was introduced to the piano at an early age where he took weekly lessons to enhance his skills and abilities. It was during this time where he discovered his love for rap music and begin pursuing it. His influences includes artists like Eminem, Underoath, System Of A Down, Nas, and more. Blending the styles of punk-rock and rap, Krosst isn’t your average rapper in the game. He finds himself curating a certain motif that reflects both his musical taste and the fact that he grew up in a town of 3000 people. Maybe it’s the fact that he doesn’t care about critical acclaim, but this man finds it easier to offend and amuse than others. He brings a certain truth to his music, a rawness, and is not one to shy away from his past.

He released his single titled “Off The Wall” that immediately begins with a banging beat before Krosst’s edgy, raspy, and gritty dirty rap vocals comes in, showcasing his acid rock flare while maintaining a stable flow that undeniably displays his unique talent as a rapper. The instrumental of “Off The Wall” is mixed with a beat banging enough to be played in our car radios but embedded with electrifying sounds that can even translate well across you hardcore rock lovers. “Off The Wall” energetic appeal in the hook evokes you to release your rebellious mannerism and transform into a full fledge badass. It’s chaotic and bashful yet we can’t help but love it! The lyrics on the “Off The Wall” isn’t “childish bars” either, Krosst Out lyrically conveys a meaning behind the topsy-turvy presence. No matter how you say you know him, it’s undeniable, the passion he has for his music is so apparent and you can feel it translate well through “Off The Wall”.

Listen to "Off The Wall" here and get to know Krosst Out in our interview below!

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

 Hey! yeah, I'm Krosst Out, a guy from a small town who picked up rapping at age 12 as a form of venting my emotions. 

Growing up in a small town, do you think you’re prone to receive way more support from your local community?

I hardly had the support of people from where I grew up anyways, but it is nice to see the faces of the people who knew me as a teen routing for me. I'm not as close to the people I went to school with as I used to be, but because of this internet thing I can see them liking my videos and music which is humbling because it reminds me where I came from. I don't like to think I'm bigger than I really am. I do like to think though that whereever I go I do it for my town.


You have a unique rap style, how would you describe your artistry and brand?

Thanks! Well, when I'm putting myself out there for shows I describe myself as an alternative hip hop artist. I think that's an accurate description because it can provide people with the knowledge that I'm hip hop centered but it's fused with other elements. I think my brand is just true to who I am, it's sort of evolved as my sound and personal character has evolved but ultimately it remains a reflection of myself. 

Do you listen to other genres outside of hip-hop? If so, do you attempt to incorporate all your influences into one style fitting for you?

As a teen I listened to a lot of metal and rock as well as hip hop. Hip hop wasn't that popular where I grew up, I had a lot of friends who thought hip hop wasn't music and so I was exposed to so much other music. Bands from Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Tool, Rage Against The Machine, Opeth, and System Of A Down. I also think that now it's impossible for those influences to not come out in my music. From the harshness in my vocals, energy onstage, and the type of tracks I rap on, it's just a part of who I am.

If you could dedicate “Off The Wall” to anybody, who would you dedicate it too and why?

Haha, that's funny, cause while writing it I was thinking of everyone that has walked over me, or talked some real dirt about my music. That's why I wanted to throw in the line "Critics want beef" cause it really seems like these people just wanna start problems for no reason. I also thought about my up bringing and the kind of hooliganism we would get up to with burning recliner chairs or blowing things up with fireworks in my friends back yard. So "Off The Wall" goes out to the party people and also the critics who love to bad mouth, love you! 

What’s the meaning behind “Off The Wall” ?

I sort of mentioned it in the last question but it's about just going crazy, and the hooliganism. Mainly though I think the song is just about me, as a person, from lines where I mention needing supervision or that maybe I wasn't the best influence on people sometimes and so that affected my being able to come over, or the chorus "You know me, I'm so loud, jump, jump now, go off the wall."  With this I'm encouraging people to join in the mosh pit that is my life. I think what it really can be is an anthem.


Any exciting plans for 2019?

I'm pretty excited with the music I've been working on. I feel I've grown a lot and I'm just stoked to be putting that on paper, I've got a lot to say and I hope people are ready to hear it. 

I'm also just really gassed up to do shows, we took a bit of a break these last few months because we were just trying to get some things straight but we've got some big shows coming up for the spring. 

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