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Pure Passion is Conveyed with Jack Arbor's, "GOON (feat. Triple B)"

At just 19 years old, Jack Arbor is an emerging alternative hip-hop/anti-pop artist hailing from Louisville, Kentucky. Inspired by genre-defying talents such as Aries, Elroy, Zac Greer, Ericdoa, and Brakence, Jack Arbor aims to keep his lyrics truthful, his production energetic, and his inspiration limitless.

Traditionally being named Valedictorian of his high school class, he spent just one year at the nation’s top public university before his family encountered financial hardship, crushing his dreams of pursuing academia. While unfortunate, Jack Arbor sees this hardship as a wake-up call to rewrite his future and to chase what he is truly passionate about.

Enlisting the talents of Triple B to fulfill a dynamic essence in his latest single, “GOON,” Jack Arbor flexes his charismatic persona as he dives into melodic verses that infiltrate your mindset. The effervescent energy that is captured through well-rounded instrumentation brightly hones in on high and low frequencies, portraying a rhythmic vigor on the alternative scales that pulse through your speakers.

Jack Arbor harmoniously raps his intricate lyrics as the spectrum we are exposed to one that radiates in an authentic realm. Exposing his audience to an overflowing bout of passion that is deliberately placed in his rhyme schemes, the buttery tones that are expressed have us saturated in everything he stands for as an individual and artist.

When Triple B enters the arrangement, the dynamism between the artists is emphasized in a way that brings out the best in one another’s skill set. Pushing any hardships endured to the side, the articulations that we feast upon celebrating the rise of success as Jack Arbor perseveres.

Following his dreams through one spellbinding creation at a time, we eagerly sign up for the genuine melodies that Jack Arbor continues to represent at the mere click of a button.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jack Arbor, and Triple B; congratulations on the release of “GOON.” There is such a unique dynamic that is explored with yourself and Triple B. What was it like bringing this creation to life with his talents to assist?

Jack Arbor: Working on GOON with Triple B was a blast. The night we started laying out the instrumental is a night I’ll never forget. We had a pretty huge snowstorm in Louisville in mid-February, so Triple B, myself, and our roommate Elijah all called out of work and stayed up all night laying out the beat. The track was so hot it definitely kept us warm on such a frigid night. We had a great time balancing that act of being slightly not serious but performing it so well that it just embodied confidence.

Triple B: I loved making GOON. Jack and I haven’t really done a collaborative song in years and it was nice to do it once again. We’re best friends, so it’s always a good time when we’re in the studio; lots of good ideas and constructive criticism.

In your own words, what does “GOON,” mean to you? Where did the inspiration strike for the lyrical content heard?

Jack Arbor: To me, GOON is a harmonious mixture of the two most popular definitions. A goon is primarily a silly, foolish, or eccentric person, but can also be interpreted as a violent, aggressive person who is hired to intimidate people. I feel like those two definitions describe the song and my personality in the song perfectly. We’re both super goofy as people in our everyday lives, but we’re so sure of ourselves that no one has even questioned bars like “Boutta hit a lick and f*ck your wife.” It’s intimidating and cocky, but also hilarious. Inspiration for me struck when I heard through the grapevine that someone I used to be close with was talking down on me publicly and everything I wanted to achieve with my life. My verse was kind of a soft middle finger to that person. But at the end of the day, I was just trying to make a fun song, and I don’t have any particular beef with that person. They can hate me all they want, it’s their bitterness that pulses through their own veins, not mine. I still wish them the best

Triple B: To me, to be a goon, you have to be unapologetically confident in whatever you are/doing. This concept is seen throughout the entire song, from the epic nature of the hook to the lyrical content of every phrase. Most of my inspiration for the lyrics came from how I’ve lived my life the past year or so. I used to be so concerned with what other people thought of me and the life choices I have made. But lately, I’ve just been doing my own thing and being confident about it. I’ve made a choice to pursue music and I’m going to chase after that dream whether I’m successful or not.

When it comes to the technical process of beat making, recording, mixing, and mastering, did anyone assist you with the production elements in order to give “GOON,” the desired sound you envisioned? How did they contribute to the process?

I initially came to Triple B with an eight-bar loop of just a very simple trap beat, anxious about not knowing how to actually turn it into a full-fledged song. Triple B then took the beat and produced about 65% of it. Once the trap section was laid out, I remember coming to him and telling him I threw in an arp and a heavy rock drum beat on his verse. He didn’t like it at first, but he completely killed it. I also then came to him telling him I wanted a pop-punk instrumental at the end of the song, because why not? He delivered, and that entire section was made purely with synthetic sounds. The song’s instrumental and writing is 100% an original project from scratch. I also mixed and mastered the track, aside from Triple B mixing his own voice.

If your listeners could take one thing away from your messaging, what would you want it to be?

Jack Arbor: It would be to accept yourself for who you are, and to be unapologetic about it. I spent so much of my life trying to be just like everyone else so I would fit in and wouldn't have to think twice about having a normal life that’s nothing more and nothing less than most other people. But after not being able to finish my computer science degree at the nation’s top public university, I decided that it must be a sign to chase what I truly love, no matter how much of an uncalculated risk it may seem. And you’ll never truly be ready to take that risk for your happiness; sometimes, you just have to jump and pray you’ll stick the landing.

Triple B: If my listeners take away one thing it should be the simple concept of being confident in yourself and the people you surround yourself by. I have gotten through some dark times in my life because I believed in myself and my friends. Life is hard, but with the right mindset and people, almost anything is possible.

What's next for you?

Jack Arbor: GOON is scheduled to have an action-styled music video releasing this month, and the song is the second single off my first project entitled “RAPID GROWTH,” releasing sometime in the summer. I’m also dropping the final single in May entitled “RAPIDS.”

Triple B: I have a song called “Good Time” coming out 5/14 and a project called “Soft Boy Summer” coming sometime this summer.



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