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Put Your Tissues Away, Jada Klein is Here to Deliver "Boys Don't Cry"

Jada Klein has been shaping her unique sound from a very young age. Born and raised in Abbotsford, British Columbia, this Canadian R&B singer and songwriter has attentively crafted her R&B-rooted style fusing elements from the beloved Jazz and Soul music genres.

Jada Klein offers up her full passion for writing and performing to the stage, where her soulful voice and vulnerability captivates the audience on an otherworldly level. She continues to push above and beyond her comfort zone to develop and expand as an artist. With this, her unique story and intoxicating melodies continue to be showcased to her rapidly growing fan base.

Dipping into Jada Klein's four-track EP, 'Always, Forever,' we have the delicate and reverberated sounds of "Boys Don't Cry." The sprightly and heartfelt enactment that Jada Klein executes has you gliding from side to side as you vanish into the blissful resonance of her vocals.

Creating a harmonic medley of backing vocals that float upon the instrumentation, the memorable hook comes from a place of passion as she emphasizes the captivating melodies with the repetition of the title of the song.

Gracing us with a blissful utopia that is created through the tonal distinction in her voice, Jada Klein's lyrics actually shed a story of sorrows within the diminishing relationship she once had with a significant other. As she progresses through each verse, the guitar stands out as a complementing factor frolicking upon each sweet vibration.

An elusive blend of atmospheres pours down upon us as we are taken through the highs and lows of what happens when lover's part ways.

Jada Klein delivers a divine performance as she redefines her genre in a manner that has you gravitating towards the charisma that she embraces within herself.

Congratulations on the release of “Boys Don’t Cry,” from your EP 'Always, Forever.' You perform in a way that allows a seemingly negative storyline to appear not so bad after all in the end. What was your specific reasoning for using this approach to a song of this caliber?

Thank you! My approach with that song in particular was to create a lyrically brighter ending so listeners who relate can get the advice I know I definitely needed when I was heartbroken. If I can help someone feel empowered to move on for the better and reassure them that it’s gonna be okay, I'm going to. If I had a song like ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ when I was going through it maybe I would’ve had a bit more of a ‘live and learn’ kind of mentality. I wanted a bittersweet ending on this track to end on a more uplifting note so my listeners know heartache is bound to happen but something better is gonna come along.

Could you please tell us about the story that inspired “Boys Don’t Cry”?

‘Boys Don’t Cry’ was written a couple of years back when I was 17 and I was going through a really tough time because the guy I liked played me and it hurt me pretty bad. With what was my first heartbreak, it felt like the end of the world and nobody could tell me it was gonna be okay because I seriously didn’t think I would ever get over it at the time. Now that I’m a bit older I realize that person was definitely not worth all the dramatics and when I look back I just have to laugh at myself. Writing this track really helped me out of that rut. It reassured me that it's okay to be upset and feel those emotions but at some point you gotta realize whoever left probably isn’t crying over you and another one’s just gonna come along anyways so move on girl!

Being influenced by Norah Jones, Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, and other greats; how do you allow their influence to speak into your music?

I grew up in a very musical family. My parents are musicians and love music just as much as I do so I grew up listening to a whole bunch of different genres and watching concerts on TV. All the unique traits my music offers really reflect on growing up with that music diversity. I take inspiration from many incredibly talented people and sometimes coincidentally I can pick out areas of my art where I can tell that the idea came from a certain artist. R&B music has always been a part of my life and it’s the genre I’m most passionate about. With all these great influences speaking into my music, all I can hope is that I’m doing them justice!

How does “Boys Don’t Cry” compare to other songs that you have released? How has your music evolved since you began creating?

‘Boys Don’t Cry’ exudes feel-good energy with really fun and groovy percussion. I feel as though this track is possibly my favorite of my EP! Recording it got me so excited while in the studio because I felt like my vision for this song I wrote in my bedroom was finally coming to life exactly how I wanted it to. I’d say it compares to the other songs I’ve released by being the most soul-inspired and you just can’t help but groove to it when you’re listening. Over the course of the 6 years, I’ve been creating and releasing music professionally, my sound has evolved each time I record and release something new. Since I started so young, I’ve gone through a few fazes trying to really discover what my sound is but R&B is always where I feel the most at home.

What was your biggest inspiration while creating new music this year?

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least! I think creating and releasing music has really helped me stay sane during all the isolation. Even Though the EP was recorded in October 2019, planning and executing the release was a great way to dedicate my time and energy to something so special. My biggest inspiration while creating music this year was definitely all my loved ones. They are my biggest supporters and I couldn’t do anything I do without their help, so releasing this project was really a homage to them. I titled the EP “Always, Forever” as a message that I appreciate them more than words can describe and I will love them always and forever. I’m super excited to see what this release brings and what this upcoming year has to offer.


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