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Putting The Spotlight On Hunter Blair Ambrose And Her Impassioned Album, "Scorpio Season"

Although Scorpio Season has just nearly passed us, Hunter Blair Ambrose isn't letting the inspiration of the time die down in the slightest. As a Manhattan-based singer/songwriter, Hunter Blair Ambrose succeeds in making punchy statements through her music, the latest one being funneled through her album "Scorpio Season."

Describing the creation of her 17-track album as quite the journey, Hunter Blair Ambrose began writing the tracks for what wasn't even prepared to be an album, in 2017. Following a series of impactful life events, she had garnered all the motivation and desire to write and record the bulk of her feelings and emotions surrounding her relationship experiences.

Out of all the 17 tracks included in "Scorpio Season," Hunter Blair Ambrose describes "Division," "Goodbye (4 Now)," "Gone," "November" and "Alone Together," to be the ones that stimulated the most emotionally-stirring affections within her. The vulnerabilities that got brought forth for Hunter Blair Ambrose were captivating, heart-tugging, and all-around inspiring in the sense that she models true genuine artistic expression.

The emotions that "Scorpio Season" took us through were incredibly affecting. Experiencing the full intensity of Hunter Blair Ambrose and her romantic relationship was emotionally energetic in itself.

"I hope that it is a poignant and stark listening experience that mirrors and mimics some of the key traits of the sign of Scorpio itself: passion, mystery, intensity, transformation, and rebirth." - Hunter Blair Ambrose

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