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PWR CPL Releases Their Powerful New Single on International Women's Day; “Like Fire"

R&B duo PWR CPL based out of Los Angles finally released their insanely dancey tune “Like Fire”. The duo consists of incredibly talented co-producers, songwriters and vocalists Jon Lall and Summer Jasmine, blending their styles to create a collection of intriguing sounds. Displaying their Jazz, Hip Hop, and Electronic influences heavily through the first part of their 4 part “BLKS” series, titled “BLKS - FEEL”, released in July. Following with part two titled “BLKS - MIND” to be released in the spring of 2020. PWR CPL creates an empowering and soulful message through their music, all while taking time to be advocates for positive change.

Like Fire” begins with upbeat and powerful production, amplifying Summer Jasmine's energetic vocals. The song incorporates some Pop elements, as well as catchy electronic loops and hi-hats. Not to mention the underlying complex arrangement that Jon Lall has meticulously placed. With playful and empowering lyrics, the energy of the song is something different from what the group has recently released, and we’re blown away at their broad sense of style and ability to create effective music. “Like Fire” is a perfect song for an exciting night out and one to add to your Saturday night playlist. We’re incredibly excited to see what moves PWR CPL makes next.

Listen to "Like Fire" here.

Hey there PWR CPL! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re incredibly excited to feature your latest single “Like Fire” off your upcoming project! What drew inspiration for the upbeat track? "Like Fire" is inspired by the #metoo movement started by Tarana Burke and is a song about women's empowerment. It's a high energy hype track that represents coming out of the shadows and shedding light on important (and uncomfortable) issues that we've been told to ignore and hide, leaving women to be isolated and cope alone. It's an anthem of coming together and confronting these deeply systemic issues of misogyny head-on. Beyond the lyrics, it's a song to bump and feel fly as hell.

PWR CPL is an incredibly cute name. How long have you two been working together professionally?

The name PWR CPL comes from the idea that we all strive to be power couples, whatever the nature of the partnership may be. It's about the whole being greater than the sum of it's parts, how opposites bring balance and strength to one another and the powerful relationship between music and humanity. We have been creating together for years, but PWR CPL was officially born in 2017.

“Like Fire” is pretty different than the songs off part one of your “BLKS” series. Could you share with us the concept behind the four-part series? Like Fire is actually a stand-alone single that we wrote for the women's movement. We wanted it to stand out from our other works to make a loud statement and show our support. The four-part series is called BLKS, for the building blocks as well as stumbling blocks in life, creative blocks that we have to work through as artists and a nod our studio block in LA, one of the most culturally rich and inspiring areas to make music. Our debut EP FEEL dropped in 2019, which was more emotive songs. MIND will drop in June, which will feature more heady tracks with heavier electronic elements and VIBE and HYPE will follow to complete the building blocks and the 4 part concept series.

We’d love to see the energy behind “Like Fire” during your live performance! Any upcoming shows in the near future?

We are super excited to perform our new tracks live. We are planning a MIND EP release in LA followed by a west coast tour in June. We will be announcing dates and venues on our website soon. (

We can't wait to hear your next move PWR CPL, what can fans anticipate next from you?

We have a ton of new music we have been cooking up and are really excited to share it with our fans and new listeners who vibe with our sound. We will be dropping the second single in May followed by our first official music video. This summer will kick off our MIND EP release party and west coast tour. In July we will be going to Europe to perform, finish writing the last two BLKS EPs, and connect with our international fans. We are super hyped for what 2020 has in store and are so grateful for all the support we've received along the way!



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