PWR CPL Releases Their Powerful New Single on International Women's Day; “Like Fire"

R&B duo PWR CPL based out of Los Angles finally released their insanely dancey tune “Like Fire”. The duo consists of incredibly talented co-producers, songwriters and vocalists Jon Lall and Summer Jasmine, blending their styles to create a collection of intriguing sounds. Displaying their Jazz, Hip Hop, and Electronic influences heavily through the first part of their 4 part “BLKS” series, titled “BLKS - FEEL”, released in July. Following with part two titled “BLKS - MIND” to be released in the spring of 2020. PWR CPL creates an empowering and soulful message through their music, all while taking time to be advocates for positive change.

Like Fire” begins with upbeat and powerful production, amplifying Summer Jasmine's energetic vocals. The song incorporates some Pop elements, as well as catchy electronic loops and hi-hats. Not to mention the underlying complex arrangement that Jon Lall has meticulously placed. With playful and empowering lyrics, the energy of the song is something different from what the group has recently released, and we’re blown away at their broad sense of style and ability to create effective music. “Like Fire” is a perfect song for an exciting night out and one to add to your Saturday night playlist. We’re incredibly excited to see what moves PWR CPL makes next.

Listen to "Like Fire" here.