PYXIE Sprinkles Hints of "Flattery" Within Her Latest Groovy Single

Born and raised in the heart of LA, PYXIE pours her sweet and versatile sounds over listeners with her latest punchy pop single, "Flattery."

After a long journey with music creation and poetry/rap projects, PYXIE finally ventured into the industry after her passion for songwriting was at its climax in 2020. An incredibly versatile artist, PYXIE creates music that falls under the sounds of hip-hop, funk, pop, and r&b.

Infusing elements of funk and r&b into her recent pop single, "Flattery," PYXIE turns up the vibes for listeners to groove away with, primarily through her playful lyricism and the song's funky atmosphere. The song truly acts as a beaming ray of light through the eclectic array of synths and gripping basslines.

Opening "Flattery" is PYXIE's melodic background vocals and sweet electric guitar hums. Once the bouncy bassline and mid-tempo drums begin punching through our speakers, PYXIE offers her sultry vocals while playfully singing of a connection she can't seem to drop.

Touching on themes of comical confidence through lyrics like, "you know I love the flattery, if I go, come after me," PYXIE keeps the vibe alive with help from the uplifting array of sonics that melt or speakers with passion and ambiance. While the song drifts its way to the outro, the instrumentals offer their harmonic blend of electronic synths and soothing electric guitar, ending the experience with nothing but bliss.

Don't miss out on PYXIE's latest groovy single, "Flattery," on all streaming platforms, and allow the song's warmth to liven your spirits.

We must start by saying we love the groove of your latest single, "Flattery." What inspired you to take on this groovy and playful single?

Life is too short. Sometimes things don’t work out the way we plan but instead of taking it so heavily, why not take it from a grateful perspective? It’s all happening for a reason. When I wrote this song, I realized how hard it is to plan ahead sometimes. We can’t control where life takes us.

What was your songwriting process like when writing such playful and witty lyricism for "Flattery?" Was it an easy process?

I felt so inspired by this song. I wrote it in a day. It was actually so beautiful the way it flowed. That’s what happens when we truly let go and have fun while we do it. It all came so easy. I was surprised at myself.

Did you work with any producers when navigating the funky and soulful sonic atmosphere within "Flattery?"

Absolutely. I couldn’t have done this alone. JewelCity (@unjewelcity) produced it. Usually, my comfort zone is raspier, more aggressive tones. JewelCity encouraged me to go with the softer and playful feel, which I’m so grateful for. He of course added his magic touch during the mixing/mastering process.

We noticed that you've released a variety of singles over the past year. Are you planning on releasing any EP's or albums in the future?

As of now, I really enjoy releasing singles. All my singles so far have been different styles. It’s more free flow that way, and something to look forward to. Maybe if I release a bunch of singles over time, then I’ll compile them into an album.

What would you like new listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

I write all my music myself, and it’s all based on my life. Sometimes I write music from the perspective of my loved ones. I have a big sense of humor and sometimes incorporate that through puns or witty lyrics. I hope they can relate to my music and enjoy it.