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Q&A With Brooke Alexx

Listen to Brooke Alexx's new single "Me" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Brooke. Can you start off by telling our readers a bit about yourself and why you chose a career in music?

I grew up just outside of NYC and spent a lot of my childhood doing musical theater because I thought it was the only outlet for singing. In 8th grade, however, I discovered Taylor Swift and realized I could write my own songs and sing contemporary music. That’s when I began guitar lessons and songwriting!

What is the meaning behind your latest single ‘Me’?

"Me" is about loving and focusing on yourself and your goals, and putting those desires first. This mindset has always been a top priority for me, so I was excited to release a song that encompasses this mentality in a fun, yet confident way.

You mentioned you are a Nashville transplant. Growing up in a city largely identified by country music, what made you get into pop music?

I’ve always been drawn to pop music and top 40 radio hits, as my voice suits those kinds of melodies best! When I moved to Nashville, I did try my hand at writing country music, but my inner compass pushed me deeper into the pop world and I haven’t looked back.

How is “Me” different than anything you’ve released in the past?

I think “Me” really embraced that triumphant Charli XCX energy I’d been leaning toward. The chorus is reminiscent of the reggae genre, which is unique in comparison to my past singles while still fitting nicely within my catalogue!

What is on your agenda for 2019 that you are most looking forward to? 

My debut EP is set to release this fall and it has two additional songs I’m super excited to put out. I eager to finally have a full body of work that represents who I am as an artist and paves the way for what’s to come!


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