Q&A With Catherine Quirico

Get to know the music industry from all angles, BuzzMusic had the pleasure of interviewing Catherine Quirico. Learn from Catherine herself, what it's like entering the music industry at such a young age - and where her music journey is headed!

Can you us a little about your journey pursuing music at such a young age?

I began writing in my bedside journal when I was really young about 7 years old. I started singing my written words and I found it helped me release my thoughts.  I added music and my words became a song.

What has been the highlight of your music career to date? 

The release of my first single "Dear Self".

Who was the first Artist that made you inspired to pursue a career in music?

Twenty-one Pilots - I feel they put it all out there. They don't shy away from hard topics.

What is one thing you want your new fans to know about you?

I would like my fans to know I'm really about the lyrics, and I'll be producing my songs under many different styles since I feel I haven't clicked with one sound yet. I want them to know it'll always be ok even in your darkest times.

What is it like balancing a career in acting and music? 

It's been difficult trying to balance an Actor who Sings and a Singer who Acts career. I'm always asking myself where do I fit in?  I think I'll let my fans decide.

What's next for Catherine Quirico? 

I'm in the studio working on my second song. It's really different from my last release Dear Self.  I'm so excited to share this new feel with everyone.   

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