Quaid Steps Out Of The Box With His New Funky Single “1985”

Quaid, a California native or "Cali Boy" as he proudly claims, is an upcoming recording artist and producer you'll be sure to hear from in 2019 making waves all through the music scene. Although he classifies himself as a pop artist, he is one to separate himself from the crowd as he strays far away from any typical cookie cutter formula with no attempt to be just another pop star. Quaid's music is most notably characterized by it's in your face lyrics, unexpected fusions, memorable guitar riffs, detailed production and infectious melodies. In all honesty quite the opposite of his laid back and low key demeanor. Quaid's funky release “1985” releases endorphins we feel when we listen to quality music. The classic pop vocals mixed with an vintage retro pop twist comes together to fabricate a vibe you won’t ever forget! Everything about this song I loved from the synthesizers to the outlandish instrumental to his intricate vocal style. The song is unconventional from the pop music you’re use too and it’s impressive how Quaid was able to create a song where his listeners can get lost in the aesthetic and feel apart of the song as the song feels apart of us!

Learn more about Quaid and his unique approach to the music industry through our BuzzMusic exclusive interview. You can listen to Quaid's groovy new single here and follow him on his social media!

Mind briefly describing your upbringing for our readers?

Not at all! I was born in Southern California, the youngest of 5 kids in the family. Raised Christian and still am. When I was 9 my parents decided to become missionaries and moved us all the way to Bucharest, Romania. They felt called to aid the overpopulation of kids in the orphanages and also my mom being an occupational therapist did a lot of work with disabled children especially. So I spent a lot of time hanging out with all the kids over there and got the opportunity to see lots of places in eastern Europe which was so dope. After that I came back to California for my junior and senior years at Marina High School back in my hometown Huntington Beach, CA.

What inspired you to get into the music scene?

So many things! Meeting my mentor Charles Farrar was a game changer. He produced so many classics for Boyz 2 Men, Tyrese, Johnny Gill, Color Me Bad to name just a few, discovered Trey Songz, his career and story is incredible. When I saw he believed in me I was like ok maybe I should actually go for it. Also another hugely inspiring time for me was when I went on tour with Machine Gun Kelly with this group I was producing for called the "Loose Screws". Watching them perform every night and seeing the crowds going crazy put a fire in me to put myself out there and release my own music. Really just seeing all my favorite bands and artists reach the world with their music always pushed me. Anytime I go to a concert I always leave hoping I can play an arena one day too. I remember I went to a Fallout Boy and Panic! At The Disco concert, 21 Pilots were opening the show this was before they blew up. The day after the concert I was taking a history exam at school and I was literally like "they're in a new city playing another huge show and that's exactly what I want to do" and walked out. I actually went back to school the next day but I've had too many moments to count where I've felt inspired by other artists and musicians living out their dreams and impacting culture, it just always inspires me to go hard because I know I can do it too.

While I was listening to “1985” I’ve noticed the retro aesthetic, do you listen to older music? And if so any specific influences?

Yes I love music from the 80's, that's where so much of today's sound comes from so I try to learn as much as I can from that era. Micheal Jackson of course, Queen, Phil Collins, Rick James... Honestly I could go on forever there's so many talented artists and bands from those years. The retro sound was specifically for this record 1985, it's not typically what I do but it was fun to step out of the box and I will do it again on some other records.

What was your inspiration behind "1985"?

I'm a huge fan of the movie Scarface it's one of my favorites I've seen it a million times and I love the soundtrack on it Giorgio Moroder's a genius! I wanted to create something that had those classic sounds but updated to what's going on in today's music. Basically wanted a nostalgic blast from the past that felt new as well.

What’s the common misconception you think people have on you as a pop artist?

Well today's music scene is extremely saturated so as an artist it's already hard to be heard and taken serious. Then with the word pop thrown in there too there seems to be a preconceived notion that the music will sound a certain way or only serves the purpose of being as palatable as possible at the expense of  the creativity. But I like to bring sounds to the table people might not expect especially combining different genres but still maintaining pop sensibility no matter what genres I draw from. So basically my music is like a melting pot but it comes out pop when it's all said and done.

How do you stand apart from other artists in the industry?

Not to pat myself on the back but I really make everything myself. Usually artists in the game have writers, beat makers, studio musicians, vocal producers, mixing and mastering engineers. I do all of this myself and I'm really proud of it. It's a ton of work but I love it. Also my guitar playing is an integral part of what I do and you don't see a lot of live instrumentation in studio versions of songs today. Guitar seems to not be as "cool" as it used to be but it's my style and adds another layer to what I do that not everyone else is doing now.

Do you have any big plans for 2019?
Yes putting together a whole lot can't give it all away but some live performances coming up soon, as well as releasing new music every week. Also producing records for some major artists I know and that you've probably heard of too. It's going to be a great year I'm so excited to see what happens and enjoy experience the journey.

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