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Quantum Relay Vocalizes Inner Emotions In A New Single, "After Me"

Hailing from San Diego, songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop/pop recording artist Quantum Relay releases a poignant and relatable single entitled "After Me."

Quantum Relay has been throwing himself into the music industry for just over five years, and each time around, he brings something new and impressive to the table. Relay's passion for hip-hop, r&b, and pop/alternative are everlasting, and it's always reflected in his seamless, tasteful, and modern music.

The talented recording artist recently released his emotional and cathartic single, "After Me," which flows through our speakers with a fusion of hyper pop and hip-hop. Quantum Relay raps a rather introspective and melancholy message of self-doubt, which is wildly relatable and speaks volumes.

Hitting play on the new single, "After Me," the song gently opens with a fluttering r&b keyboard melody alongside a plucky synth that sets the song's moody and reflective tone. The second Quantum Relay's vocals drift in; we hear vast similarities to the vocal tone and delivery of Canadian hip-hop/r&b star Nav. As Quantum Relay continues to vocalize his pain and emotion in search of mental relief, we head over to the hook.

We adore the song's easy listening feel and relaxed vibe; although the lyrical content is nowhere near relaxed, Quantum Relay has a way of delivering such difficult emotions in the most peaceful and heartfelt manner. This track is rather short, but it gets the job done through each melodic sonic arrangement and Quantum Relay's honest and emotional performance.

Feel a part of something greater with help from Quantum Relay's relatable single, "After Me," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Quantum Relay. We truly appreciate the emotional feel and reflective lyrics within your latest single, "After Me." What inspired you to create such an honest piece like this?

The pleasure is all mine. Thank you for embracing me! “After Me” was written based on my personal experience with depression and self-doubt. As a human I’ve encountered many challenges with my self-belief, affecting me creatively as an artist. Feeling stuck, uninspired, and unimaginative towards finding my purpose in music as well as life. Until recently I encountered a shift in perspective, leading to my clarity as a person and as a Rap Artist. I knew then that I could channel this emotion of feeling lost into finding others through my music.

When creating "After Me," did you have any artistic influences in mind? Did any artists or projects further inspire the sound of this single? At the time I was obsessively listening to “F33l Lik3 Dyin” by PlayBoi Carti. And recently discovered 100 gecs, midwxst, glaive, ericdoa & tons of talented artists in today’s hyper-pop scene. I would definitely say I found these artists when I needed their music the most. Hence Inspiring me to relay the same energy in my music for my future fans and supporters Was it challenging to be so honest and open when writing your lyrics for "After Me"? What was the most difficult part of this process? When I was recording the track, our creative process felt effortless. That cliche right place, the right vibe. My childhood friend and producer of the track “Elixr” assisted me in my range and lyrics when I got too carried away with my imagination. My life lessons have taught me humility and self-awareness. So this track was a selfless act to aid my and others' depression. The only difficulties I experienced while writing the song was having to deal with my own emotions Who produced the wavy and dreamy sonics within "After Me"? Did anyone help you bring the song to life? “After Me” wouldn’t have been possible without the direction and talent of aspiring Artist / Producer “Elixr.” He is the most consistent artist I know and anytime we get to collaborate I’m grateful for the opportunity to do so. And the astounding audio mix and master was done by no other than Audio engineer / Producer “Forest Green.”

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