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Que The Nostalgia On Trent Herzman’s New Release: ‘Castles Fall’

Trent Herzman is singer/songwriter from Oceanside, California, writing folk/rock concept albums. On his first release, ‘Life in the Village,’ Trent explored his life in Carlsbad, CA, from working an everyday job to living through addiction. Trent writes songs to connect with people who have shared similar experiences, just about anyone can find something to relate to in Trent's musical voyages.

If your looking for a song to transport you back to simpler times, to an era where music was made with blood sweat and tears; where melodies were played on guitars and piano; and percussion was physically generated by human energy, then Trent Herzman’s ‘Castles Fall’ is where your ears should be. The harmonica blows like the whistle of a 1960’s steam engine rolling down the tracks, there is a twang tinged rock n’ roll guitar, strummed like a track out of 1974. Trent’s voice is a pleasant and surprising mix of Rush’s Geddy Lee- polarizing, and flirting with the higher end of the scale, yet grounded by a nostalgic, folk quality like James Taylor.

‘Castles Fall’ is a heartfelt song crafted out of life’s changes and vulnerabilities- “Castles fall, but the memory remains” “Will I stay the same?” ‘Castles Fall’ is a song that is daring enough to take the listener on a journey, to question life’s stages and accept the end all be all, an ending all beings on this planet have in common. If you are longing to fell a connection, craving the sounds of the past and face your on contemplations- then stream ‘Castles Fall’ by Trent Herzman today!

Listen to 'Castles Fall' here and keep scrolling for our interview with Trent below!

Hi Trent, thank you for taking the time to speak with us at BuzzMusic. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello my name is Trent Herzman, I am 29 years old and live in Vista, California. I started writing and singing music in my early 20's and began recording my first record - "Life in the Village" in 2015 at Emerald Age Recording. Since then I've joined the York House Records label and released another album - "Trip to Nowhere", along with the single you liked - "Castles Fall". I spend most of my time either writing, recording, and hanging out with friends. I am a big fan of Hunter S. Thompson and feel my writing and music emulates concepts and philosophies similar to his.

Congratulations on your latest release ‘Castles Fall’, we loved it! Can you tell our listeners the meaning behind the song?

"Castles Fall" is a song about going through your life with addiction problems, prostitution, and in general not making best of choices. It's also about realizing that in the end there is no correct way to live your life. I feel it's best to accept your life for what it is and find ways to be happy because in the end, nothing really matters so try to enjoy what you have before it ends.

How do you stay connected to the music community in order to get your art heard and also indulge in others to seek inspiration?

I really try to keep connected to the local scene so I go to as many shows as I can around San Diego. I also work with a lot of local artists when writing and recording my music. Every album typically has someone new involved and it helps shape a lot of how the albums sound. When it comes to getting heard I use a lot of social media for connecting with new people and marketing. I don't currently have a live band set up for shows but that's currently something I'm working on.

What in your life has led you to explore a career in music?

My life is all over the place I have done a lot of living in my years on this earth. I've lived in about 20 different homes and had to change my whole life at a drop of dime on several occasions. I have always liked music because its a way to tell a story and express the way you feel. Its a very healthy thing in my opinion and rewarding as well. I love the connection you can make with people especially when they enjoy what you have to say through your music.

What is next for you?

I have a lot ahead of me so I try to take things day by day. One of my main goals is to get my music licensed in movies or TV shows. I'm currently working on few projects. My next album is "Never Ending Bender" which is almost complete and coming along nicely. Then I have "Trent Goes to the Zoo" which is still in progress and will release sometime this year or next. I really try to keep myself busy and it seems to be working in terms getting things done music-wise. I'm really looking forward to the future and where things are hopefully headed.


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