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Queens Producer Eitan Noyze Showcases The Versatility Of Horns (And His Genius) On 'Hornography'

Welcome to BuzzMusic Eitan Noyze! Your new album 'Hornography is beaming with creativity and amazing vibes. Can you tell us a bit about its unique concept and what inspired you to make it?

'Hornography' is an instrumental album that samples horns from many different genres and styles of music, and I wanted to showcase how versatile the different horn instruments can be put together over a hip-hop backbone. The project was created solely using the iconic Akai MPC 3000, giving this album a modern yet nostalgic sound. I was inspired by the NYC party called "Soul in the Horn," which I would frequent before the pandemic, where DJs and musicians would come together and perform brass-driven music from different genres.

From start to finish how long did it take to put together? What are some of your favorite samples used?

The idea started in 2021 when I was just compiling some unreleased beats and noticed a good portion of them had horns. The concept got pushed to the side due to other work deadlines. At the end of 2022, I finally focused my attention and created new material as well as spruced up old beats, and finally put together "Hornography." I don't want to sample snitch, but to me, all of the songs are dope in their own unique way.

If I had to choose, the most notable track would be "Whisper," because I took a smooth recognizable saxophone riff and blended it with hard-hitting boombap drums, and flipped it in an unprecedented manner that hasn't been heard before.

How would you say your sound and outlook on your art changed/evolved over the years?

I would say over the majority of my career, I focused more on producing for other artists, which I still will be doing heavily, but now I am definitely giving myself attention as an artist and will be releasing more music on my own. How do you keep your sound so fresh?

Good question, and very flattering, but not sure how to answer that. As a go-to engineer for superstars like Large Professor and Kid Capri at your recording studio Brooklyn Noyze Lab, are there some go-to recording techniques that you tend to use in the lab or is that top secret info?

Top secret! If I told you, then I would have to kill you! Nah just playin, if there is anything I can say is just to trust your ears. Ears never lie. Also, be open-minded, and listen to feedback (sometimes with a grain of salt).

Okay, so this is a big question, but what has hip-hop culture meant to you in your life’s journey? How has it shaped you as a person and an artist? Hip-Hop culture gave me an outlet to express myself creatively. I can say that I grew up with Hip-Hop hop culture since being exposed to it at a young age, and it has shaped me into the person and artist I am today. I often don't realize it, but I do approach things with a hip-hop mindset (style, vocabulary, and of course, music). It's definitely a lifestyle for me that I live every day, and when digging back on where a lot of early hip-hop source material came from, it opened me up to appreciate many other genres of music as well. We’re really looking forward to seeing what you do next! What should your fans be looking out for in the coming months?

Dropping on July 28th, I produced the lead single 'Verbal Assault' off legendary DJ Mista Sinista's (X-Ecutioners) debut solo album "Reborn." The track features legends ILL Bill (Non-Phixion), Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mindtricks), and DJ Eclipse (Non-Phixion, MC Serch, Fat Beats). Did another joint on Sinista's album, but no date is set for his album release.

I plan to release more instrumental music as well as a collaboration album with MCs. I have more music coming out with Something D'Lux, which is a production company I started with my childhood friend Zach Staggers (The So So Glos), where our focus is mainly on producing Dancehall music.


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