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Queenyy is Far From Distant with Her Debut Heartfelt EP, 'Distance'

Multitalented R&B artist Queenyy releases the melodic works of her long-awaited, debut EP, 'Distance.' The Ottawa, Canada, based artist is known for her soulful sound and unapologetic character.

This three-track EP follows the release of the first official single from the project titled, “Replace Him,” a nostalgic groove reminiscent of old school heavy-hitting R&B. The collected works were recorded both internationally in Switzerland, and in her hometown of Ottawa, Canada, with Carde Blanch and 613tino.

Swaying from wistful 90s R&B elements all the way to easygoing, evocative grooves, this record offers listeners a true sonic voyage from start to finish, as Queenyy depicts a 10 min story about the struggle of falling in love and dating from a distance.

The first track on “Distance,” is a dark freestyled intro titled, “Broken English (Intro).” The dystopian ambiance created lures you into an atmospheric utopia where you hear the reverberated sounds of Queenyy’s vocals fill the speakers.

Through each melody paved, this track taps into the heartfelt emotion Queenyy exudes while telling a story of her experiences about falling in love when traveling, and coming from a real place when what you’re saying isn’t necessarily perfect but you can feel it within you.

The next song is the title track, “Distance.” The soft vibes of the instrumentation matched with the boisterous personality that Queenyy showcases in her delivery, adds a spicy charisma to a tune that drips in nostalgic 90s R&B and hip-hop vibes. 

This is a record that a lot of people can relate to as it paints a picture of how jealousy can become contagious in a relationship. You can’t help but have the intoxicating hook, “When I said I felt it, I meant it,” on loop in your mind, even long after “Distance,” is completed.

The final track and lead single, “Replace Him" is a powerhouse of an anthem that radiates in personality on a different level. It carries up-tempo vibes that add a different flavor to the EP, “Distance.”

The edgy vocalization of Queenyy’s emcee like delivery has a sultry ambiance in such an effortless manner that have us repeating the memorable chorus in our day to day lives.

“Yeah he did me dirty, so f*** it I’ll replace him.” In a world where everything is replaceable, this track remains extremely relatable and an exceptional finish to a solid EP.

With three songs vastly different from the last, Queenyy’s rapidly growing fanbase is given a taste of her confidence and vulnerability on an intrapersonal level on “Distance.” It’s no wonder why she is garnering the attention she is as an up and coming artist in the music industry.

Stream 'Distance,' here.


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