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R&B Singer Jaonere, Sets The Mood With His Latest Release “Shifts”

London-based singer-songwriter, Jaonere, is a construct of a diverse list of musical influences. From listening to rock and Motown with his father to mimicking the hi-life his mother would play as she cooked, Jaonere always knew he wanted a music career. Flawlessly merging elements of R&B and indie-rock, Jaonere delivers soulful retro vibes through his melodic harmonies.

The eccentric singer recently released his sensual hit "Shifts" in early September. Revealing a deeper, more personal side of himself, Jaonere took things back to his roots with this R&B track. Bringing forth his carnal desires, he professes his intentions to work overtime to satisfy his partner. "Shifts" embodies every aspect of the perfect playlist song for lovemaking sessions. The slow tempo and gentle melodies work in unison to create a mood-inducing atmosphere. Jaonere masters the erotic nature of the vibe he wishes to create and enables "Shift" to cater to the listener's sensual energy.

The soft 90's R&B style of "Shift" brings a nostalgic essence of passion. Taking his time to explain every intention he possesses, Jaonere serenades the audience into a titillatingly excited state. His lyrics speak true to his resolution. Spoken with a confident demeanor, Jaonere's words pierce the listener's heart and fill the body with impassioned energy. In a time where things seem always to be moving at breakneck speeds, "Shifts" is the perfect counterbalance that re-engages the soul and heart.

With Jaonere's plans to tap into his intimacy and sensuality, it is only fitting that he blesses his fans with a song that is so relatable. We encourage everyone to give his music a listen, and we are excited to observe his growth as an artist and as an individual.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jaonere, and congrats on the release of your song "Shifts." What was the creative inspiration laced into the making of this song?

Hey, thanks for having me again! The inspiration for "Shifts" and music video is from all of the legendary artists that I was lucky enough to be introduced to their music and visuals from a young age, such as Ginuwine, TLC, Aaliyah, Jodeci, H-Town, and Usher Raymond to name few.

What is the main message that you are trying to get across to your fanbase with this track?

I want the listeners to have the nostalgic feeling when they watch this video but also give them autonomy to tap into their more liberated side, confident /sexy side with the right person. "Shifts" talks about "Late night shifts" which is actually a metaphor that I'll leave to the listener's interpretation. But the idea of "shifts" also explores the idea of a worker keen to impress their boss.

When it comes down to your creative process, is there a flow that you tend to follow in order to make such impactful music? Did the process for “Shifts” follow this formula?

I typically don't follow any rigid process when it comes to creating music, but I normally like to write music first thing in the morning or late at night when I have no distractions. It always starts with a catchy hook, though, and then I build the verses around that. Harmonies and backing vocals I normally create when at the studio in real-time. Once I've recorded the song, the vision then becomes crystal clear for how I was the video to be. I worked with two directors, Yaynor Greenaway and Bruno Murari, to bring my vision to life, and as you can see, they did a fantastic job! We held weekly zoom meetings in preparation for shooting the video, which actually worked quite well for all of our busy schedules. I ran a casting call to find the dancer Maggie Lambo, who choreographed the white and denim dance section. She really understood the vibe and was instantly sold on the song and vision. We had no choreography for the second part of the dance scene when we were in black, so we were literally grooving with each other. We were able to get one rehearsal in before the day of the shoot, so luckily, we could build rapport and be comfortable with each other on camera.

With such empowering energy that you bring to the table, is this a theme that lives in all of your music? How did you come to this point in your sound?

I guess my music is an expression of my subconscious thoughts. I don't think this is something I've planned, but like Andre3000 said a few years ago, "make music you want to hear," and I think I lead with that first, and the bonus is when other love it too! I have such a wide taste in music, so I guess I never really know what my next song is going to sound like. It keeps it interesting!

What's next for you?

You can expect more music and maybe another EP at some point next year.


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