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R.Black Gets The Summer HOT With “Hard 4 Me”

R. Black is a new, young, and exciting Jamaican born artist, and producer from Houston, Texas. Influenced by many notable greats in the music industry, R. Black considers his style to be a strange hybrid of all the music he really likes centering around hip-hop and pop. when asked his reason for starting to do music in 2018, R. Black says he always had melodies and songs formed in his head but growing up in Jamaica, he lacked the resources and encouragement to start. It was when his friend asked R. Black to record a hook at his home studio in Houston, Texas. Where he realized that he can begin getting his ideas onto records.

Summer just looked a little bit hotter with R. Black’s new hit titled “Hard 4 Me”. this vibrant song represents the vacation vibes we receive from the season of summer. It’s the perfect get-a-away song that could be played at our parties, fun car-rides, and paradise celebrations. The dancehall energy is presented with a nice seasoned pop flare and soulful R&B floating in between each genre. R. Black gives you the swag and trendy aesthetic needed for this song to POP. “Hard 4 Me” was an undeniable sensation. It’s like while listening to this song, it inevitably feels like a party. The rhythm is consistent and your hips are bound to sway! “Hard 4 Me” had a nice hook that complemented the arrangement of the verses well. This delightful single that exuded a wave of positive energy was the icing on the cake for all the summer festivities!

Listen to "Hard 4 Me" here!


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