R15ER Releases New Uplifting Song "Simply Beautiful, Beautifully Simply”

R15ER is a musician, producer and creator of Univibes Music from Melbourne, Australia who finds fulfillment in his profound love for the stars and universe. R15ER released his single titled “Simply Beautiful, Beautifully Simply”. “Simply Beautiful, Beautifully Simply” is the one song that’s universal in creating an impact on its listeners. What I took from this song is the art of unity. In the music video released alongside to the single, One message that was memorable and stood out to me was the breakdown of “Universe” (Uni= one Verse = Song) = One Song. That one song? The riveting production of meticulous composing by R15ER. “Simply Beautiful, Beautifully simply” Begins with a unique introduction. A clip from a discussion with the words “...And I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote for the next 5 months. And I couldn’t stop. Because there’s something inside of me that is a calling, there is something moving the pieces around that is um bigger than who i am, and what this ego of mines says. And it’s getting in touch with that, that inner drive, that part of us that says, this is what you’re here for, this is what you came into this world to be.” Before the enthralling musical sensation begins. I love this piece so much because it represents the character of support and love. I feel as if listening to this song encourages me to reach my fullest potential. It gives you a sense of determination. In fact, we as people can be anything we choose in this standardized society. “Look around everything is beautiful, look around everyone is beautiful,” R15ER says. Instead of the constant divide and negativity spread around us, we can take that and transform and uplift and love so our society as a whole could prosper efficiently. “Simply Beautiful, Beautifully Simply” was a powerful composition created by R15ER with a bold yet encrypted message.

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