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RAIANE. and BACHTROY Take You On A Blissful Summer Romance Fantasy On “Falling Too”

The New-York based musicians join forces to bring you good times and good tunes.

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter RAIANE. and BACHTROY has joined forces to create a mesmerizing dance anthem ready to set the summer ablaze. A pairing made in musical heaven, RAIANE.'s velvet smooth vocals meld perfectly with veteran producer Dj Bachtroy’s instrumentals.

With their collaboration “Falling Too,” these two musical powerhouses deliver a track that seamlessly blends emotive expressions with an infectious electronica-house beat, delivering a musical performance you won’t easily forget.

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, RAIANE. discovered her passion for performing through theatre, realizing its immense power as a means of self-expression in a culture bound by patriarchal norms. However, the songwriting truly allowed her to feel deeply seen and heard. In just two short years in the industry,

RAIANE. has already made significant waves in the NYC music scene, captivating audiences at live performances and garnering an impressive 70k streams for her track “Scared.” On the other hand, BACHTROY is a seasoned music producer with an astounding 14 years of experience.

Having worked alongside industry titans such as Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez, and Mac Miller, he’s now turned his visionary genius towards the intersectionality of house music, progressive house, techno, and deep house, infusing them with his signature blend of Afrohouse and melodic techno sound.

In “Falling Too,” RAIANE. and BACHTROY have created more than just another dance anthem. As melodic, jazzy house instrumentals soothe your senses, RAIANE. soft, endearing vocals take you away. With lyrics like “we’re falling and flying, falling won’t deny, we’re falling too” melding with the instrumentals, RAIANE. and BACHTROY has encapsulated the feeling of being on top of the world, both with your partner and because of them.

Co-written by Raiane and her partner Peter Schmidt, serves as a dreamy and intimate reflection of their relationship brought to life so vividly that you can’t help but feel you’re also on cloud nine.

Prepare to embrace summer’s magic and fall in love as RAIANE. and BACHTROY “Falling Too” takes you on an unforgettable musical journey. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “Falling Too,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic RAIANE. and BACHTROY We loved “Falling Too.” It felt so beautiful and melodic, but it makes you want to dance too! We have to ask, can you take us through the creative process for this track? RAIANE.: Thank you so very much! Mmmm, of course. We have been really good friends for a few years and have always wanted to collaborate on a track. It wasn't until Troy sent me the beat for this one that we felt the spark, that HELL YES moment. Listening to it, I was immediately transported to a different time and place and asked him, "What does this composition mean to you? What's the story?". He responded by saying that it was "about being in a sexy environment, sitting across a table from the person you love and feeling like a million bucks because of it." That sentiment was so relevant to me; being in a steady, healthy relationship for the first time and having just moved in with my partner, Peter. I showed him the beat and asked if he would write lyrics with me because he's an awesome writer. We did it in a week too! We debuted the song on a show Troy, and I were headlining almost a year before its release. Then we went into the studio, and it took us a while to get it to where we wanted the track to be. We had a clear vision of what it needed to sound like and, most importantly, how we wanted people to feel listening to it. Peter is also on the track, doing some of the back vocals. We usually would end the day of recording with a dinner party, a double date with Troy, and his amazing partner Dana. It was a process filled with love and joy, and I'm glad that comes through on the track. How did the two of you first meet? How did you know you wanted to start collaborating? RAIANE.: We met at an emotional intelligence/leadership training that rocked our worlds. It was a space people go to discover how they've been living their lives and what's stopping them from fully embracing/fulfilling their dreams. It was INTENSE, and we bonded quickly. We realized early on how similar we were, artistically and personality-wise. It took us a minute to commit to collaborating because it felt too real, too close to home. We saw each other very vulnerable, and that felt scary to let someone in who sees you beyond the day-to-day masks you wear because they are so much like you. So we danced around it for a bit (laughs), even though we knew it was bound to happen. What do you think each other’s greatest strength as an artist is? RAIANE.: Troy has an almost supernatural ability to create entire ecosystems and atmospheres with his sound. It can be both dope, catchy and incredibly profound simultaneously. When I listen to his music, I feel like I am taken on an emotional journey and see myself more clearly because of it. He is a sacred, sound creator. It's trippy, transcendental, fun, and heartbreakingly honest, all in one vibey package. BACHTROY: RAIANE. has so many strengths, It's hard to choose one, and if I had to choose one, I would say it's her ability to emotionally connect. When she enters the room, a sense of understanding and connection feels safe, loving, and inspiring. This is also very apparent when she is writing and recording. On this record, her voice is dynamic, elastic, and honest, which speaks to her ability to connect to our vision. Collaborative work can feel uneasy and emotionally confusing sometimes, but not with RAIANE. Anything available regarding feedback or direction is on the table and should be considered. She makes everyone feel seen and heard when in her presence. Sometimes feel uneasy and emotionally confused.

How would you describe “Falling Too” to someone who hasn’t heard it yet? RAIANE.: It's an anthem of partnership and pride. It's sexy, sleek, romantic, and vulnerable. A celebration of seeing yourself in love and saying YES to it. Sometimes that's more than half the battle. Letting love in. It takes falling at first to discover you can fly. It's courageous, thrilling, and fresh, but simultaneously evokes the feeling of "ah, yes, I know this place, this feeling." BACHTROY: What she said, lol.

What’s next for Raiane and Dj Bachtroy? Can we expect to hear more collaborations in the future?

RAIANE.: Absolutely, yes! I am such a fan of his, and honestly, the collaborative process has been some of the most fun I've had while making music. Also, did you hear how he made me sound? I wanna be loved and uplifted like that many more times to come, haha.

BACHTROY: Everything she said, and my goal is to get the world to catch up and realize how special RAIANE. is. So expect some wild things to come!


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