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Raimie Teams Up With Shaf to Stir Up Motivation Through “I Pray”

A self-proclaimed outsider of rap music, Raimie brings a fresh outlook to hip-hop with his nuanced lens on personal growth, mental health, and the world around us.

The New Jersey native prides himself on his work ethic and the relationships he's built through a mutual love of music and desire for reaching new heights. Blending melodic elements with punctual rap verses and introspective lyrics, Raimie reaches listeners through his relatable hardships and his bittersweet perspective on unfolding events.

Teaming up with producer extraordinaire Shaf, Raimie brings life to the melodic flow of his latest single, "I Pray." The piano forward instrumentation sets an empowering tone throughout the vivacious soundscape resting in the speakers before us.

The sparsity in the musical foundation makes room for a therapeutic appeal which is also met by anticipation and curiosity roaming about in "I Pray." Admiring his lyrical dexterity and how he swiftly weaves in and out of each carefully crafted word shed, Raimie depicts a colossal narrative that sets an inspirational roar within the motivational cadences performed.

"I Pray" has us feasting on lyrical motifs such as 'I pray that my bro's keep it all a stack. I pray that my bro's always have my back,' as we get a healthy dose of Raimie's unmatched swagger. With a protruding sense of confidence that carries us forward along with the energy soaring in this piece, it instills a more profound understanding of self-worth amongst each one of us tuning into this creation.

Exceptionally projecting an impactful message through the new wave of hip-hop, we appreciate the collaboration that is Raimie and Shaf's artistic ways colliding for greatness.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Raimie, and congratulations on the release of "I Pray." Was there a particular moment that inspired you to create the motivational essence of this record?

Thank you so much, really glad to be a part of the ongoing culture you guys have here. When it came to writing I Pray, I had just been through a friendship where I was taking advantage of a lot, one where I gave up a lot of time, effort, and even personal respect to be a good friend. Sadly the second I realized that it wasn’t truly a friendship and that they were only keeping me around to take advantage of my talents and willingness to help others, it devolved really quickly and left me hurting. I understood at that moment that those surrounding me who really loved me, as well as me pursuing my dreams, needed to become my sole focus and that I needed to continue to pray for great things to come.

You and Sha have a great dynamic together, and this isn't your first time working with one another. How does it feel to collaborate once again? How did this working relationship come to be?

Shaf and I go back quite a while at this point, probably about 3/4 years. We have crafted over 30 songs with each other and continue to have a strong bond. Collaborating with him is both exciting and meaningful every time we link up. My brother actually introduced us, as they went to the same college and he realized the potential for a true connection between us. I think the main reason why our collabs are so important to me is that our relationship is both professional but also a real and important friendship in my life, that runs deeper than just the music itself.

You speak such powerful words into this track. Does this tend to be the approach that you take when crafting intoxicating melodies?

Yes, it definitely does! I think in rap music today, a lot of artists tend to shy away from a lot of the things I talk about and embrace in my music. The fact that it’s okay to not be okay, the idea that self-improvement is a lifelong journey that comes with ups and downs, and a sense of navigating through hardships and finding ways to overcome them. I’ve never tried to be something I’m not and I’ve had to go through a lot of difficult times to become the person I am today and continue to evolve. I Pray is really centered around trust issues, self-belief or even lack thereof, and motivating yourself to be the best version of yourself possible.

What's your mission statement as an artist? How do you portray that through all that you do?

My mission statement is that being genuine, humble, and open is the key to success. Appreciating what you have and being able to recognize your own shortcomings (and work to better them) is the true way to grow and be a good person in this world. I portray that through the music, whether it be heartbreak, mental health issues, or how I view the world around me. Everything is a learning opportunity if you choose to make it one, and I learn the most about myself when putting my thoughts into songwriting. Everyone has a gift or talent that they would pursue relentlessly if outside opinions and money didn't matter. Well, it's my belief that they don't matter, and that great relationships and financial freedom come and go throughout the course of life - what's left is doing what we love to do.

What's next for you?

I have a lot planned for 2022 and I'm excited for the new year to come around. A lot of new music, even very possibly a new album, some really epic music videos, and generally just growth in my personal life. I like to take things one day at a time and not be overwhelmed by how much there is still to accomplish in life. I take small steps every day that in the end will become the fundamental stepping stones of how I reach my goals and continue to wake up doing what I love. I expect big things in this new year, and you will catch me grinding all 2022.


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