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Ramone Hamilton Warms Hearts Far & Wide In "Don't Forget To Send A Christmas Card"

The sweet stylings of 16-year-old singer-songwriter, actor, voice actor, and recording artist Ramone Hamilton are at it again, this time with a holiday twist in his new single, "Don't Forget To Send A Christmas Card."

Ramone Hamilton is best known for playing the leading voice of George in the Dreamworks animated series Captain Underpants, Coop in Disney Jr.'s The Chicken Squad, Axl in Universal Pictures' The Grinch, and more recently, in Minions: The Rise of Gru. Born into a long line of entertainers, Ramone Hamilton's successful career has only just begun.

His recent holiday single, "Don't Forget To Send A Christmas Card," was written by his grandfather, none other than iconic actor Bernie Hamilton, known for his role as Captain Dobey from the popular 1970s series Starsky and Hutch. Produced by famous drummer Joseph Block, the new single spreads an old-school Christmas vibe among Hamilton's Gen Z peers.

Featuring Stevie Wonder's bass player, Nathaniel Watts, "Don't Forget To Send A Christmas Card" softly opens with jingle bells, Christmas bells, and lush instrumentals. Ramone Hamilton's sweet vocals float through our speakers with the joy of the season, reminding his loved ones to send their blessings and kind regards.

The song's accompanying music features cameos from actors like Isaac Ryan Brown (Raven's Home), Jalyn Hall (All American), and Cameron J. Wright (Family Reunion). There are also heartfelt, touching scenes that see Ramone Hamilton's real-life aunt writing to a boy in a photograph, who was her real-life son who passed away in a tragic accident.

The song and music video perfectly paint the season's pictures of holding your loved ones close and reminding those far away of your eternal love, support, and care for them. Elevate your holiday season with Ramone Hamilton's new single, "Don't Forget To Send A Christmas Card," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ramone Hamilton. You've just made our holidays happier with the release of your recent single, "Don't Forget To Send A Christmas Card." What inspired you to record and release this Christmas song written by your grandfather, Bernie Hamilton?

I wanted to create something that was going to be able to stand the test of time, like the "Christmas Song" by Nat King Cole. I wanted to do something for the holidays, and this seemed like a really cool thing to do for it.

What was your experience in the studio when recording the music video for "Don't Forget to Send a Christmas Card"? What was your favorite part of this process?

It was really fun. The process was cool because the song was written and recorded by my grandfather in the 80s. So when I recorded the song, we revamped the music and brought in Nathanial Watts, who has been Stevie Wonder's bassist for 40 years, to play bass on the song. It was very nostalgic because Nathanial had worked with my grandfather on other music, and there was a point where Nathanial started telling me stories about my grandfather. But we created all new music for it, and of course, I laid down a new vocal track.

What did you hope to make listeners feel when hearing "Don't Forget to Send a Christmas Card"? What did you want them to experience?

I want listeners to feel nostalgic. I want the song to make them want to call a family member or loved one. I hope it helps people to connect to simpler times and really cherish the moments with the people you love. And I hope it makes people want to send a Christmas card too!

What was it like working with so many familiar names when creating the song and music video for "Don't Forget to Send a Christmas Card"? What was that massive collaboration like?

It really gave me a warm feeling that my acting peers would participate — that I called them, and they jumped in and came out to support it, showed love, and participated in the video. It really added a nice touch. There was a lot of coordinating. It was a good experience and a great process!

On a more personal note, why do you think your career has been so successful at the young age of 16? What is your recipe for success?

I feel like my career has been so successful because of my faith. I have got to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for blessing me with being able to be an actor. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. And to actually go out and live my dreams at such a young age has been a blessing. I think my recipe for success would also be hard work. I put everything into what I do. I prepare, and I prepare and prepare, and then prepare some more. Hard work and perseverance. I’ve had a lot of stuff that hasn’t gone my way.

Along with my wins, I’ve taken a lot of losses. But it’s all shaped me to want to keep going. But it’s also important to know that things take time. And while I’m so happy with where I am, I’m nowhere near done. Not being complacent has really helped me.

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