Randall Richards Releases New Single 'A Heartbreak In The Making'

Randall Richards has always had music running through his veins. The Birmingham, Al. native recalls the exact moment when he realized music would be his life’s work and passion. His passion for music was undeniable, his parents encouraged him to follow his dreams, buying him a drum set and guitar when he was ten years old. Just a couple of years later, Richards’ had written enough songs to record a demo. With his demo in hand, the 12-year old Richards convinced his older brother to drive him to Nashville in the hopes of making his dream come true. The two walked up and down Nashville’s famed Music Row knocking on doors until the young artist scored his first record deal – it took all of one day. In what could only be considered lightning speed in Nashville, Richards recorded his first single within a month of signing his deal. As an artist, Richards has performed on some of the world’s most acclaimed stages including The Roxy and The Troubadour, yet his greatest success has come as a songwriter.

As an EMI/Sony Music writer, his songs have been recorded over one hundred times around the world selling millions of copies. Richards even had the distinct honor of being mentored by some of music’s most legendary icons, including Neil Diamond, Charlie Daniels and Elton John.

Today, Richards is moving at warp speed with his music, writing a least one song every week. 'A Heartbreak In The Making" is Randall Richards latest single that was released on August 10, 2018. The song is a super cool twist on the classic "boy meets girl in a bar". The mood of the song is upbeat with a great story and soaring chorus that will leave the song stuck in your head for days. 'A Heartbreak In The Making' gives you a personal flare intertwined into the song from Randall's biggest musical influences such as Sam Hunt and Florida Georgia Line (to name a few). The "Hot Mix" is where country meets cool, with his mashups of different genres come to one to create a music masterpiece. A fusion of country, techno, pop and rock overtones.

Randall has a distinct and powerful voice that brings this song alive and his guitar playing is hot enough to melt your ear buds! Listen to 'A Heartbreak In The Making' here.

My hope with my music is to always touch people’s emotions with my stories, and give them melodies that they can’t get out of their heads.

-Randall Richards

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