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Ranwin Le-Roy Stands Strong And Proud In “I Am Enough”

Ranwin Le-roy van der Hoogen, better known by his stage name Ranwin Le-Roy, is a South African pop singer and songwriter. Best known for live performances on The Voice (China). Born March 10 1994, this young star on the rise has always had a passion for music. Showcasing his talents worldwide and being a rising Social Media Influencer, Ranwin is capturing the hearts and ears of all those he touches. Ranwin Le-Roy is recognized for an unconventional musical and performance style that mixes soul vocals with contemporary R&B, pop, electropop, and hip-hop beats. Blessing us with his latest single “I Am Enough”.

This is the self-love anthem of all self-love anthems. Taking pain and hurt and turning it into love and acceptance for self is exactly what Ranwin is giving us here. Being okay with being perfectly perfect! He has so many different blended sounds here that come together and makes a song that anyone can relate to. I can hear the R&B, the soulful pop within the lyrics, and the hip-hop in the beat! Using powerful words with a powerful lyrical vocalist is a recipe for greatness. This song gives us the strength to know that you are enough. Take a listen for yourself to see what a truly powerful song this is!

Listen to "I Am Enough" here, and learn more about Ranwin in our interview below!

Hi Ranwin. Can introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Ranwin Le-Roy, 24 years of age. I’m a South African singer-songwriter in love with music and driven by every single person, issue and all the beauty surrounding me. I believe that to be educated and to have an education is extremely important regardless of your goals, I’d say go for it. I attended Nelson Mandela University where I obtained a degree in Psychology and in Sociology (Honors). I consider myself a pop-soul singer but I don’t like to limit myself. I love to travel and I’ve performed in several countries where I've shared my music. I love countries enriched with culture, tradition, good food, spectacular scenery and warm people.

What was your experience like performing on The Voice (China)?

My experience on The Voice (China) was incredible. I got to work with some really talented people on the show. It’s the people you don’t see on screen who did the most for me. I got to be on a different stage and in a different light to share my music, and that made my journey exciting.

How do you use your Social Media platform as a voice? 

I love art and that includes music, fashion, makeup and so much more, and that is exactly what my social media consist of. It’s beautiful to share my journey with my followers. I’ve had fans, followers and friends reach out to me with personal issues. Some people go through so much and all they need to do is to speak to someone. It’s good to know that I can actually use that power I’ve been given to make a positive impact in the lives of these people. 

What inspired the cover art for “I Am Enough”?

I am Enough” Feat. Jody Steel is about being okay in your own skin. Knowing that you are enough; not less, not more. I told Jody about it and she said, “sketch something and I’ll take care of it.” I did my little sketch and she transformed into the masterpiece it is. I absolutely love the cover artwork. It spoke to me immediately and in that moment I knew it’ll speak to many people in this world. 

Can you tell us about the creation process of I Am Enough

I wrote “ I Am Enough” in Shanghai, China. Whereas Jody wrote her part in Los Angeles, US. We agreed immediately with one another’s writing as it spoke to us and sat well with us. There was a lot of emotion involved. You need to know that the words we wrote came from our experiences. The nastiest things have been said to me and I know I Jody has had it tough too. This is what makes “I Am Enough” our Anthem because of the strength and power those three words hold. The song was recorded in both Los Angeles, US and Port Elizabeth, South Africa. 

If you could share one thing with our readers what would it be?

A message: “Never think for one second that you are not worthy. You have proven it over and over again that you are.”

What can we expect from you through 2019?

You can expect an album this year, with some music videos, some performances in China and hopefully another collaboration with Jody Steel and a few other musicians. 


Connect with Ranwin Le-Roy:


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