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Rap Artist AUS10 Ends 2019 With New Release "Lost In Paradise"

AUS10 has come back with new music for listeners as they end their 2019! As a rap artist, we've always known that AUS10 goes in with the hope to manufacture a sound that is unique to him. As we listen to his most recent tracks, we can evidently see such a growth in AUS10's quality, and we can confidently say that as an artist, AUS10 is creating music that reflects an authentic part of him. One of his most recent track releases, "Lost in Paradise" features this exact type of growth that AUS10 exhibits, and the emotional aspect that comes along with realizing one needs that development and shaping in character.

The beat featured throughout "Lost in Paradise" is synthesized professionally with AUS10's track, which set a strong foundation for what AUS10 wanted to integrate vocal wise. If you know the styling of AUS10, you know that he has an aggressive rap approach to his tracks. His confidence is clear and strong, which makes each verse execute more forcefully. The chorus of "Lost in Paradise" is addicting with its catchy tempo, and we have to note that it's absolutely shaking playing full volume on a speaker. "Lost in Paradise" is definitely the type of track you have to play at full volume if listening. You'll be left with an overall grungy and dark ambiance with "Lost in Paradise"--a notable ambiance that will surge you with confidence and vigor.

Listen to "Lost in Paradise" here.



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