Rap Duo Throwed Academy Releases Fresh New Hip Hop Single "Tropicana"

Throwed Academy is a Charlotte, North Carolina based rap group consisting of Q Sapp and Rari. Lyrical content, swag, being oneself and unity are at the forefront of the movement they’re pushing. They released their single “Tropicana” and demonstrated to us that they’re all about their lyrical content. The catchy lyricism makes the song fun and there’s moments in the lyrics where the punchline is so creative that you become more attentive to the music. The beat is fresh and hip with a nice bass that makes rap songs enjoyable and able to blast in our vehicles, earbuds and parties. They got their own brand to themselves that makes their entire single stand out from the rest of your typical rap songs. I like the video as well, they used a vintage filter that connects with the title of their song. The strategic and artistic approach they used was a way to give their song flavor and more dynamic characteristics. What’s great about Throwed Academy's artistry is that they’re humble. They believe in their talents and have faith that they will achieve what they set ought to achieve. We can't wait to hear what's next from Throwed Academy. Listen to "Tropicana".

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Q.Sapp - I’m Rari...and we are Throwed Academy!

Can you give us a brief history of your musical careers?

-We’ve been making music individually for about 8-10 years. 

Q.Sapp: Growing up I loved to make beats on tables with my hands and freestyle over the beats. As time passed it became usual to have friends turn on a song and say “A Q go head n freestyle for us”. I got my first taste of real recording my freshman year in high school (2006). I dropped a song on #Facebook called “I’m fire freestyle” over DG Yolas “ain’t gone let up” beat and it got a good bit of attention. We still quote the song to this day lol. In 2010 After moving to Charlotte NC to pursue a college degree in Culinary Arts I lost the recording ability I had back home and had to settle for writing only as my vice. In 2014 my little cousin Rari relocated to Charlotte from Thomasville Georgia. He brought all of his recording equipment which gave me the ability to record again and the rest was history!

We’re really feeling your single “Tropicana” What was the overall concept behind it?

Q.Sapp: For as long as I can remember I had a dream car. It was my grandma’s  (god bless the dead) favorite car, and became my favorite car as well. We played a game called “my mustang”. The rules were simple. If you saw a mustang that you liked you yelled out “my mustang” and in our minds the car was yours. Flash forward, 17 years later, I’m now 26 and was able to purchase my first mustang. It’s candy apple red with vanilla interior. I have a thing for west coast music. I found a beat titled Tropicana and the first thing that came to mind was “strawberry banana”. That ended up being the hook for the song. We in that Tropicana..I’m talkin strawberry banana...

Who are some of you guys musical rap influences from the past and the present?

My favorite rapper is still Dom Kennedy. The yellow album brings me back to a time during college when I was really trying hard to figure out the ropes pertaining to life, education, finances, myself, and music. Wiz Khalifa and Nipsey are next in line. I followed Wiz throughout high school. I admired watching the phases of him being a low key guy who was just good at what he did. Not trying to take over the whole rap game but locking in on his fan base and maximizing that until he got the whole rap games recognition. That’s what I want Throwed Academy to be. A sound that is definitely a preferred taste. Everybody can’t digest Dom Kennedy's music. Back then everyone couldn’t digest pre kush and oj Wiz. But staying true to themselves and the people that could opened the door for other listeners to find a way to say oh this guy isn’t bad, when they were actually great from the get go. 2pac is my favorite rapper from the past hands down. When it comes to female rap artists, Aaliyah takes the cake.

What is your favorite quality about Hip-Hop Music and why? 

Our favorite quality about hip hop is its ability to remain a genre of its own, yet change so much within. Everybody has a chance to express themselves however they feel is necessary. There isn’t anything that isn’t acceptable from gangster rap that talks about the worse to mumble rap that isn’t talking about much of anything.

What stands you guys apart from other rap artists in the industry currently?

We feel like we’re creating a wave that hasn’t really been captured. For example, Wiz thrived off of a stoner wave. Now we look at him as the modern day snoop dogg. Throwed Academy looks to have a wave more geared towards drinkers. Hence Throwed=drunk lol Academy=all inclusive. Nobody has to be left out. Something you can join and learn while we teach you the way. 

How would you guys describe your brand and artistry?

Id describe our brand as Throwed. It’s a little off the rocker, but not belligerent. It’s flashy but not excessive.  It’s a nice buzz not chocolate wasted. A enjoyably vibe from white wine to white Hennessy. We have something in between those parameters that could fancy anybody’s taste. Our artistry is the exact same and you can hear/ feel the vibes as you see the shift in flavors we present in our music while staying true to the Throwed way. We don’t want to “sound like this guy” or “rap like that guy”. We’re going to do what we’ve done from the start which is stay true to us and let the people that come with that come with it. I’d rather have 1000 fans that are true because I’m true to myself before i have 100,000 that i know are there only because we’re producing a sound that is not us.

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