Rapper And Songstress Indigo Asaá Only Has Time For Waves And “Hey Bye”

Rapper, singer, songwriter and talented performer, Indigo Asaá lis making her name known from New Jersey. Originally hailing from Laurel, Maryland, Indigo Asaá grew up listening to legends like Erykah Badu, Zhané, Sade, Jill Scott, and Lauryn Hill. With notable 90’s and neo-soul influences, the 25-year-old artist Indigo Asaá fuses her soulful sound with a contemporary rap flow to draw in a wide variety of listeners from all walks of life. Her tracks captivate listeners for their authenticity and relatability. 

With a full-length album titled “Bloom” out now, Indigo Asaá shows no signs of slowing down. Featured on “Bloom” after the intro is “Hey Bye”, a versatile track that features a smooth R&B aura, Indigo Asaá’s soulful vocals, melodic bars, and a well-fitting feature from rapper Hattress. Whether she’s weaving through catchy verses or the addicting hook, Indigo Asaá’s powerhouse vocals remain strong over top of the heavy backbeat. “Hey Bye” is a track all about how mesmerizing, ambitious, and inspiring Indigo Asaá is. Her quirky rhymes will leave you singing along to every bar and “Hey Bye” features a hook that will guarantee a second listen. We welcome this budding songstress into the BuzzMusic Family with open arms and we can’t wait to see what she delivers next! 

Check out “Hey Bye” here and read more below in our exclusive interview with Indigo Asaá!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Indigo Asaá! You give off a really confident aura through your music! Is this a skill you've developed over time or has it come naturally to you? 

First, I want to thank you for having me! But to answer your question, I want to say a little of both. I’ve always wrote poems as a child to now, so knowing what to say was something that I always knew I had confidence in. But I think my biggest challenge was allowing myself to be open enough for others to hear me and to hope that the overall messages of my songs are relatable. I still have moments of indecisiveness when it comes to the style I think each song I do could be, but I do have the confidence that each song will be great because they come from the heart.

In a male-dominated industry, what sets you apart as a female rapper and artist? 

It’s the stories and point of view I have that makes me different. In fact, that’s anything you do as a person: going against the odds and being true in your craft and letting your story be heard. I love what I do and as a listener I feel that you can hear the genuineness of it. 

“Hey Bye” kicks off your album “Bloom” with a smooth R&B mood. Is this theme carried throughout the album or does it remain versatile? 

I would say that “Bloom” definitely offers smooth R&B elements, but it also has Alternative R&B, Pop, Soul and Hip Hop elements as well. 

We love the addition of fellow rapper Hattress on the track. How did this collaboration come about? 

It’s funny you ask that lol. During the time “Bloom” was half done, I made a status advertising it on my personal FaceBook. Hattress, whom I known for a while, commented and said “oh wow, you’re really making this without me?” totally teasing at first but also hinted that he was serious lol. I had already wanted him to be on the project as a spoken word feature, but the beat I used for “Hey Bye” was just sitting in my flash drive, untouched. I decided then I was going to rap on that beat and asked him if he wanted to be apart of it. I recorded it in New Jersey and sent it to him where he resides in New York. A week later, he sent me back his verse and the rest of history. I’m happy that our styles really mixed well on the song. Because of it, it is the most streamed song on “Bloom”. 

Thanks for chatting with us! With your large project “Bloom” out now, what can your fans expect next from you? Do you have any events or shows planned in the near future? 

Now that “Bloom” is done, fans can definitely expect more rapping elements and experimental singing with future projects. As of shows, I’ve been performing at open mic’s in the south New Jersey/Philadelphia area. Dates are random, but if fans would like to keep up with me, I’m super active on my Instagram,  which post anything that comes up. Currently I am also working on a mini EP for early next year and a second mixtape around Fall/Winter 2020. Lastly, I started working with new engineers to help create different vibes in my music. Overall, I’m ready for what’s in store for me in the future.

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