Rapper Izzy Tune, Visited Pakistan For New Music Video

Today we'll introduce you to "Izzy Tune," a well-known face in the music industry. He works in the Punjabi music business as a singer/rapper and a songwriter. Since he was a child, he had aspired to be a rapper. He began his trucking career (main focus) about eight years ago. However, Izzy was a music enthusiast before starting his trucking company.

Izzy Tune is a significant and emerging artist. He is releasing some of the best hip-hop tracks in the industry. He has always been interested in music and poetry. Initially, the gifted artist began his path with poems. He was known for his inventive poetry and phrases, which inspired him to attempt rap. He worked hard and improved his talents in order to advance in the profession. Soon after, he began professional rapping and gained a handsome number of admirers based on his first song. The popularity of the first track-inspired him to start working on new ideas. His song "Mere Mahi '' gained thousands of plays on internet music platforms and was his base to take music even more seriously.

Another remarkable feature of this artist is that he possesses a vocal range similar to that of the well-known Pakistani rapper, Bohemia. We already love Bohemia, so when Izzy Tune is reminded of him, we immediately appreciate and adore him. Izzy, like Bohemia, understands how to use all of his vocals appropriately; when to slow down, and when to employ powerful vocals. His voice matches that of a major artist, but he also possesses many of the characteristics of a major artist.

The song "tension not yaar" by Izzy, featuring Faceless Shida, has been published. This song was launched on YouTube with an official music video, and the mp3 version is available on a variety of music websites, including Spotify and Songwhip. The song's lyrical substance revolves around the theme "tension not yarr" (don't take stress, friend). Izzy describes all of the challenges that the average person experiences, such as COVID, education, marriage, and so on, then advises the suffering, ignore the negativity, and lives joyfully throughout the songs in a variety of creative ways.

As a result, many people become frustrated and exhausted from sitting at home, which results in them facing typical challenges on a large scale. People are stressed and require additional incentives. In certain cases, they have a favorable impact. Izzy tune is giving it his all. Izzy wrote this song specifically for all the depressed people so that they don't feel alone or unhappy. The song is supposed to inspire and motivate everyone going through issues in life. The overall response to the song has been fantastic, as evidenced by the comments.

Izzy Tune was born in Pakistan and moved to Canada because his family desired it. He intended to make a music video and thought it would be a terrific idea for him to work from within Pakistan, as it is his motherland. He is collaborating with a large group of people, including Romoo Hans, AM Fankaar, Ahidh Khan, Waqar Malik (Vybin), and Umer Martial, to mention a few.

In Pakistan, Rahet Fateh Ali Khan is one of the singers Izzy has looked up to. He visited Pakistan for the first time 16 years ago in 2006. He has mixed blessings of good and unpleasant experiences. Depending on the time constraint, he can surely arrange a one-stop meeting for all supporters on his next trip.

Despite the fact that Izzy Tune has only released a few songs, he has the potential to become a renowned musician. His next song which is shot in Pakistan, (Dream Party), will undoubtedly be a smash like his previous ones. The song will be released in July after Eid, but no specific date has been established.