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Rapper Kansah Releases A New Single For His Wife As A Gift For Their Wedding Anniversary

Rapper Kansah, who hails from the United Kingdom. Kansah began his rapping career during his law studies.

Even though he had a passion for music since he was a little child, he never thought of pursuing it as a career. During the time that he was studying law, he wrote his first song, which was titled "Alexander McQueen." Kansah discovered that making songs and rapping may be a therapeutic outlet for him while writing about it.

After some time, he came out with the song "Alexander McQueen," which was performed for the first time and received pleasantly surprising responses. Because of this, he gained even more motivation, and he started writing additional songs in the hip-hop genre.

Kansah, a rapper from the United Kingdom, made his debut with the track "Alexander McQueen," which was a dope rap, and now he's back with another dope rap track called "Do me Je je." Kansah released the song on August 26th, 2022, and it was recorded in the UK and Lagos, Nigeria, and produced in LA by Dr Chaii. It is currently downloadable through many music websites and services, including Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and many other music websites and services.

The complete composition of the music, in addition to its production, is quite tasty. Excellent work was done on every facet of the song, including the lyrical content, the beats, the texture, and the flow. The lyrics to the song have a lot of meaning, and they try to convey an essential point regarding how society judges individuals. He made certain that the caliber of the lyrics did not deteriorate in any way, shape, or form at any point during the song's length.

On the occasion of the couple's first wedding anniversary, he penned this song so that his wife might perform it as a gift to him on that special day. What does the song signify when it refers to itself by its title? (Do Me Je Je). They have agreed to celebrate their wedding anniversary on August 26th, the date they selected. Do me Je Je translates to "love me tenderly or softly," meaning "do me Je Je." This song was created in Los Angeles by Dr. Chaii, who was also responsible for composing Chris Brown's song "Questions" and has collaborated with vocalists such as Sean Paul and Dua Lipa. Additionally, Dr. Chaii has collaborated with several other musicians. This song features a performance from the Nigerian pop artist who goes by the name "Singah."

He thinks that this song captures the experience of falling in love and everything that comes along with it well. Even though he often develops rap and hip hop, he decided to give afrobeat a shot to give the song a vibe better suited for the warm weather. It was done to give the music an atmosphere that was more fitting for the music. It has proven to be the most difficult and fascinating project we have worked on up to this point.


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