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Rashaann Goes 'Far From Home'

Rashaann’s 'Far from Home' album is a refreshing addition to the music industry. The project, released on December 11, 2022, is a memoir reflecting on the artist’s experiences while travelling between 2021 and 2022.

Rashaann is a versatile artist, songwriter, and producer originally from New York City but currently based in Atlanta, GA. His passion for music stems from his parents; his father was an aspiring R&B singer, while his mom has an affinity for music and entertainment.

'Far from Home' is an 8-track project that showcases Rashaann’s prowess as a skilled songwriter, delivering emotionally driven lyrics that resonate with listeners. Each track captures a different experience, from moments of self-reflection to tales of adventure and romance.

"East Coast Freestyle" introduces the project with a bang, kicking off with a poignant and relatable message about the uncertainties and changes the world has experienced in the last two years. The track is a reminder that life can take unexpected turns, and sometimes, it's necessary to take a hiatus and reflect. Rashaann's delivery is smooth and rhythmic, making it a perfect intro track to the album.

"Times Like This" continues the album with a captivating and relatable story of a young Rashaann's struggle with poverty and adversity. It takes the listener on a journey of his growth as a person and his aspirations of exploring the world beyond the limits of his community. The track also features Jordan Hall, whose interlude adds a unique and fresh touch to the song. Jordan shares a personal story of how he and Rashaann embarked on a life-changing adventure, travelling to various countries worldwide, including Switzerland and Egypt, which inspired the album's memoir style.

"Whatever You Want" is a bouncy track that expresses the feelings of uncertainty that often accompany the early stages of love. The lyrics express the vulnerability of allowing someone into one's life and how it can be a scary experience. The track's melody is soothing, and the soft guitar background provides a cool setting for the vocals, creating a sense of vulnerability that draws the listener in.

"Cost Me a Lot" is a standout track highlighting Rashaann's versatility as an artist. The track's beat is slow and soulful, and the lyrics are confident, making it a perfect addition to any party playlist. The song captures the feeling of success while acknowledging that it comes with a fair share of challenges. Rashaann's delivery is impeccable, with each verse delivered with a conviction that the listener cannot help but feel.

"Unfinished Business" is a personal track that expresses the artist's regrets about not pursuing a past relationship. The track is soulful, with the lyrics capturing the emotions and vulnerability of heartbreak. The track is a reminder that even though it's difficult to move on from past relationships, it's essential to focus on growth and self-discovery.

"Land Mines" continues with the theme of past relationships, expressing the artist's desire to pick up where they left off. The song is reminiscent of old Carlos Santana, with the melody, instrumentals, and vocals all blending to create a smooth and sultry vibe. The song's lyrics are emotional, highlighting the artist's vulnerability and the fear of rejection that comes with putting oneself out there.

"Far from Home," the title track, ends the album on a reflective note, with Rashaann looking back on the last year and a half of his life. The track's melody is sombre, with the artist's vocals providing a sense of introspection and nostalgia. The song's lyrics are a deep reminder of the importance of taking risks, exploring new places, and experiencing life to the fullest.

'Far from Home' is a fantastic project from Rashaann. The album is a cohesive body of work that takes listeners through Rashaann's experiences while travelling. Each track is unique, showcasing Rashaann's versatility as an artist, with his smooth vocals and thoughtful lyrics tying everything together. While the album's production is top-notch, the authenticity and vulnerability in Rashaann's lyrics make this project stand out. Far from Home is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys soulful, introspective music.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Rashaann. Congrats on your latest release 'Far from Home.' What was the most challenging aspect of creating an album meant to be a memoir of your travels and experiences instead of a collection of individual songs? Thank you. One of my biggest challenges with this project was getting out of my comfort zone and starting singing, mainly on “Whatever You Want” and “Land Mines.” I am not a good singer, but I had to realize some of my favourite bands and musicians aren’t necessarily the greatest singers either but know how to stay in their vocal range and be incredible songwriters. I figured that with a greater emphasis on melodies, songwriting, and instrumentation; I could sort of make up for my lack of vocal ability. Another challenge was trying to be sensitive with some of the subject matter on the project that speaks to certain people in my life. Can you tell us about a specific moment or experience during your travels that inspired the concept for 'Far from Home?'

My first time visiting Thailand in December 2021 was the biggest influence on this project. I had no plans of releasing music for a while, but after this trip, I was inspired to start writing music again and travel much more, ultimately giving me more experiences to talk about. I don’t think an exact moment inspired the overall concept, but the experience as a whole. Asia is somewhere I’ve always fantasized about going to, and seemed impossible, so being there for the first time felt surreal. Also, I’ve met so many people along the way and made genuine connections while being far from home.

How did your experience living in Atlanta influence the sound and style of 'Far from Home?'

Atlanta had zero influence on 'Far from Home.' Everything I spoke about on the project was inspired by my travels elsewhere.

Many artists struggle to balance their songwriter, producer, and performer roles. How did you manage these roles while creating 'Far From Home?'

Honestly, I’ve never given much thought to balancing these different roles; I just felt they were all part of the job of being an artist. I co-produced the title track, “Far from Home,” with Poetic Junior, one of my closest friends and frequent collaborators. I didn't necessarily produce many other songs, but I rearranged a lot of the music to my liking to get my message across the best way possible. As far as songwriting, this was the most fun I’ve had crafting songs because I got out of my comfort zone and took risks and made music that was the closest to what I listen to in my everyday life more than before. As far as performing, there’s no struggle because it’s my favourite part of being an artist. Performing is the best opportunity to double down on expressing whatever feeling of the song you’re trying to convey.

How do you plan to evolve your sound and style as an artist in the coming years? Are there any particular genres or musical elements you're interested in exploring?

I plan to continue evolving and expanding my musical palette as I grow as an artist. However, I have no exact plans because I try not to force these things. I have many influences, so nothing would be off-limits for me to attempt. I want to improve my singing voice and learn to play a few instruments to apply to my craft.


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