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Rat City and Isak Heim Reel In a Summer Anthem With, "Rather Be"

Norway-based Rat City has seen grand success the first time around with their collaboration with Isak Heim on ‘Kind of Love.’ Returning with a summertime banger sure to bring a unique flair to the table, the dynamism comes to life in their latest single, “Rather Be.”

Although created in the midst of the pandemic last year, Rat City and Isak Heim produce an uplifting soundscape that shows no sign of negative COVID-19 connotations to be found in this alluring record. An atmospheric utopia that radiates from the song’s instrumentation has you prepared to embrace “Rather Be,” with an open mind, eager to get lost in the music.

Through the layered melodies and multi-dimensional components that can be heard hailing from the song’s skeletal structure, you quickly begin to realize the level of intricacy that a track of this caliber has to hone in on, in order to produce a mesmerizing depth.

“Rather Be” holds an exceptional flame to mainstream bops heard across commercialized radio, all while maintaining the exclusive level of independence it takes to thrive in a realm of their own. Isak Heim releases a reverberated vocal chamber that spills lyrical motifs out with a bolstered passion.

Listening to each word performed, we admire the method that approaches the songwriting techniques as Canada-based songwriter Faouzia helped to structure the composition. With each prevalent melody enhancing the impact of the tantalizing musical foundation before us, we hold “Rather Be” to high standards as we immediately know that this song is going to take Rat City and Isak Heim far.

We love your latest release, “Rather Be.” The timing for this track couldn’t be more perfect. What inspiration did you take into the themes heard in this song? Thank you, BuzzMusic! “Rather Be” is about removing the chains from a really bad relationship or the toxic person who holds you back on the things you really enjoy in life, like having a good time at a party or following your dreams. I guess covid-19 is that person.

Now, for Rat City, this was your first time creating over a Zoom songwriting session for the first time. Which we can only imagine is quite the experience! How did you both find yourselves navigating through creativity? What was it like collaborating with Faouzia in order to fixate on the vision?

It was a fun experience! Faouzia did throw everything she had at us in terms of melodies and topics. Eventually, we had the chorus. Some days later Autumn finished up the verses before Isak came to the studio and did the vocals. How does “Rather Be,” compare to ‘Kind of Love’ in terms of significance to you and to your audience?

I don't think we’ve ever thought about that. We are always trying to make the best out of every song, and hope that it can give people a good feeling when they listen to it. What is the main message you’d like to take with you into the music that you put forth?

Have a good time! It doesn't matter if you are out running or are at a party. As long as it gives you something.


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