Razor Offers Catchy and Eclectic Rhythms for Listeners

Miami singer/songwriter Razor creates an interesting take on the current hip/hop sound available to us today. Razor is the kind of artist that directs his attention towards creating a well-rounded sound, but still honing in on prominent hip/hop aspects. The theme of Razor's tracks tend to be light, and it's easy to find yourself entertained by the beat integrated within his tracks. One track readers have seen from Razor, titled "Bootyful", really displayed Razor's urban appeal to the music scene. This track was smoothly constructed to deliver iconic and vivid imageries. There has always been a youthful aspect to the sound of Razor, and we found this to hold up with "Bootyful" as well. As for the artist's general sound, he aims for vocals to be manipulated in a way that accentuates the beat of the song.

Through the use of light autotune, Razor pretty much achieves this desired component to his sound. Overall, listeners can expect more music from Razor throughout the rest of 2020, as the artist is prepared to release a string of singles and music videos in the months to come.

Check out Razor and his music here