Ready or Not Hayley Lynn is Here with “Danny DeVito”

Hayley Lynn studied music and performance at the University of Victoria, inspiring her to write stories that went above and beyond her personal experiences. Drawing from various narratives, these exemplary experiences shaped her writing style, and today she has written over 200 songs.

With global exposure across ABC, the 700 Club, Big Ten Network, as well as international television shows, Hayley Lynn's full-length album 'Bring On the Flames' has gained notoriety and the growth of her rapidly emergent fan base.

Embodying a boisterous essence in her smooth fusion of Pop/Americana music Hayley Lynn kicks off her next project with a statement release entitled "Danny DeVito." Coalescing a bashful atmosphere with witty lyrics, it's safe to say that the best of Hayley Lynn is showcased throughout the playfulness of this iconic record. Organically gripping and raw, Hayley Lynn's sultry timbres extend through the various depths of her vocal range as she is soft-spoken but packs a punch when her lyrical motifs drop.

The minimalistic approach to the instrumentation advances in complexity as "Danny DeVito" progresses in a manner that leaves you more intrigued as the song goes on. Warm acoustic guitar strums, a funk riddled bass line, rhythmic percussion, and the vibrato of the whimsical pan flute have us immersing ourselves in this arrangement that accompanies the prevailing vocals Hayley Lynn offers up in such a mesmerizing quintessence.

Her magnetism draws you towards her in a graceful way that has us hooked on the alluring chorus "So lets Danny DeVito, are you ready or not?" Hayley Lynn makes it seem like her talent is effortless; when in reality, the extensive amount of work that she places into her craft is well-noticed. If "Danny DeVito" is a reproduction of her collection of singles to be released this year, we'll ask you, are you ready or not?

Congratulations on the release of “Danny DeVito.” We have most definitely been singing it repeatedly after we indulged ourselves in the track! What inspired you to title this song “Danny DeVito?" What does the line "So let's Danny DeVito," refer to?

When I was writing ‘Danny DeVito’ I was REALLY going through it. One of the ways I made myself feel better was marathoning all the movies, tv shows, and cameos Danny DeVito was in, I know, I know… but come on! Watching him act made me happy. I wanted to write a song that was a bit eccentric and a bit perplexing. "Is the song about Danny DeVito? What is it supposed to be about?" I wanted to leave my listeners with those kinds of questions. If you've seen It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia then you know that Frank Reynolds is capable of anything. So when I wrote the line "So let's Danny DeVito" I wanted anyone listening to imagine "what would Danny DeVito do?" He was an actor I really looked up to growing up. The dream is for Danny DeVito to hear it himself. If that happens I’d die a happy gal.

With such a playful approach to the wit in the lyrics, is this a reflection of what your singles from your most recent project will entail?

The influences we had for this song will definitely be in the next project, however, I think I'm expanding more into different styles for this record rather than the style of this song. The next two releases I have lined up are still in the indie-pop vein but more emotional and lyrically moving. However, we intend to make it a record you can definitely dance to.

Could you please take us into the creative process of bringing “Danny DeVito” to life? Did you find the creative process similar or different from the process you usually endure?

Originally, I wrote the song on my iPhone 6s in 2019 as a demo. It was a long process, however, of finding the right producer. With this song in particular things just seemed to fall through until I started working with James Julian Villa, the producer of the track. We wanted to make the track playful and fun like the lyrics. We used acoustic elements from the first demo and added synthesizers and funky drums. Working with him was the best choice for the song and it turned out better than I could have imagined.

What are you hoping your listeners feel and retain from this single?

I hope it makes them smile, dance, and cheer them up. Since the start of the pandemic I know I haven't danced as much. So that's what I want to give my listeners, something to dance to, even if it'll be a while till we can all safely dance together.