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“Real Love” by Holland Greco & Funk LeBlanc Is The Perfect Twist on Disco

Holland Greco is a unique and diverse singer/songwriter that knows how to captivate her audience. Holland is multitalented and she creates music in countless genres that include indie pop, disco, and soul, just to name a few. Throughout her career she has accomplished great success, such as having some of her songs played in movies and television shows!

Holland’s latest release, “Real Love” with Funk LeBlanc is a fun, classic, airy, disco romance story with an amazing 20,000 views on YouTube! The song has a slight Blondie vibe to it, transporting you back to the 1980’s, yet Holland and Funk LeBlanc it still able to maintain a modern comfort in her vocals. Holland sings “Its love shining out of me, kissed with permanent emotion, though we never wanna leave, some doors must remain unopened”. Her lyrics give a warm summer vibe perfect for the beach, sunbathing, or going on a road trip. She keeps her lyrics fun and original, which makes me the perfect artist to check out this summer!

Listen to "Real Love" here and get to know more about Holland Greco below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Holland Greco, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi BuzzMusic!  I’m a songwriter, vocalist, and artists rights enthusiast who creates and works in Los Angeles.  I enjoy lounging in my robe as much as dolling up to the extreme.  I play piano, guitar, solid body electric ukulele, and other odds and ends for various textures and flair.  I’m ever-growing and perennial.

Who are your musical inspirations?

Stevie Wonder, Prince’s songs & the singers in his world like Apollonia, Sheena Easton, and Sheila E., Robert Lopez & Kristen Anderson-Lopez, local musicians & bands, progressive R&B like Emily King and Hiatus Kaiyote, jazz players & vocalists, oldies, top 40 hits of the past century, indie weirdo stuff – there are so many!  

What inspired you to create “Real Love”?

“Real Love” sprang first off from Funk LeBlanc’s music.  Their compositions have special qualities that I really respond to personally as a lyric and melody writer.  Their music is cute, slyly sophisticated, and fun with vintage feels, but modern sonic qualities. When I first heard the demo track, I loved the retro late 70’s early 80’s kitsch of the intro (which is so cool, and only happens once in the song), the romantic vibe of the verse & chorus sections, and the rollercoaster bridge. I remember writing back to them immediately, thanking them for doing what they do, and for inviting me to color on their canvas. I like to start crafting my parts by recording multiple improvisations over the music, and then picking out interesting bits and listening for suggestions in the verbal nonsense.  That’s how things start to assemble.  I went through a couple story concepts on this track, one of which was more of a “Walking On Sunshine” idea because I wanted to purvey powerful optimism.  One morning I was chipping away at it, though, and the tears of poignant resonance started to flow once the “you could be the love of my life” and “kissed with permanent emotion / some doors must remain unopened” lyrics came to me.  Then I knew what my heart had to say, and I had to follow that inspiration.  

What were your biggest challenges when writing “Real Love”?

One of the biggest challenges on this one was “cracking the code” as I’ve heard rad songwriter, Bonnie Mckee, say.  The lyric and melody were laid out in patches across the musical topography until I really found the truth of the story.  After that, the flow was faster, but I spent many hours in headphones getting there.  

What is next for you Holland Greco?

I’m excited to report that Funk LeBlanc and I have one more really great dance song in the can and ready for you.  They get to pick when it’s released, but it will be this year.  It’s called “Listen For My Love”.  I’ve been saying it’s my theme song because it talks about how when y’all hear my voice, just know that you’re hearing my love for you. If you listen, it’s there.  My art is a collection of juicy love letters! I look forward to writing more.  I would love to write big songs for movie & pop projects.  I plan to play more shows and enjoy rocking out with other bands and concert-goers.

I also have a really cool 45 rpm vinyl single with 2 songs that is just waiting on a release date.  It’s a beautiful double feature under the name Holland & Clark that Burlacticus Recording Co.  will be putting out.  We recorded a few other original songs, too, so expect an array of eclectic releases in the near future. Jump in! There will be much more!  Thanks for reading!  Say hi if you see me around!


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