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RealLiveRari Is Bringing Real Bars Back In Rap With His Single “Tebow”

Charlotte based artist, RealLiveRari, began making music at the early age of 16 in his brother’s studio in Georgia. In 2014, he went to school in Charlotte where he began creating music in his dorm room, and recording at his cousins house where he released songs on soundcloud and videos on youtube. He knew music was the route he wanted to take when he dropped his first song in 2017 on soundcloud, titled “4Rari”. A classified hip-hop artist, RealLiveRari sound is vibrant and hurdle like melodic rap and he’s ready to change the game up with his extravagant sound.

We listened to RealLiveRari’s recent release, “Tebow” off his album “reconstructed” and this was a HIT. The fire projection, perfect lyrical arrangement, and witty metaphors was just half of the quality in this record. The melodic beat supported his high-energetic delivery and up-beat tempo. The arrangement of the song gave me chills. It’s nothing like a good rap song where the rapper just gets you feeling the song to its fullest extent. The hook was addicting, but his ability to give an insane flow without any errors was mesmerizing. Not a single miss of the beat with the uppermost breathe-control, his skills as a rapper is what makes him a hidden gem in this over-crowded industry that’s lacking raw and uncut talent. Despite the energy being just right, he doesn’t necessarily deliver in aggression, but more with laid-back velocity. It’s enough aggression to get you whipped on the record, but it balances it out in energetic dynamics to keep the vibe chilled and just right. “Tebow” was a genius production from an intellectual artist who knows how to make a listener become hooked like a magnet!

Listen to "Tebow" here and get to know more about RealLiveRari below!

Do you have any specific music influences? If so who and how did they inspire you?

Yes, Big Sean, Lil Snupe and Swipey. I use to like listening to the raw and uncut lyrics Lil snupe rapped. Big sean and Swipey just have that flow thats playful and makes you want to bounce.

How does your record “Tebow” fit the theme behind the overall project of “Reconstruction” ?

The record shows how I'm progressing and still dealing with the everyday flaws and habits of being human. The hook and verses point out in plain site how I am Reconstructing my views and my mindset due to past experiences.

What inspired you to write “Tebow” ?

Tim Tebow's Kneel as he prayed to God each time he made a touchdown. Gestures like those always inspire me and show me that no matter how large or small we are all equal, we all have dreams and we all have flaws.

Besides “Tebow”, what other songs off your album “Reconstruction” are some of your personal favorites and why?

The Intro "Winter" is one of my personal favorites because of its high energy. every morning I wake up and it may turn on my playlist and I immediately get a new vibe in my spirit.

When can we expect to see next from you?

Soon, I will be dropping a video to "Kream" the 4th track on the project reconstructed. I also have many features with independent artist across the east coast dropping this summer that I'm really excited about


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