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Realmz Kills It In “Chestnut Freestyle”

Realmz is an artist who was born and raised in Tottenham. The North Londoner has been involved in music for over 10 years, dating back to when he first heard his peers on the raw sounds of grimeback in his schooling days. He always had an interest developing in music, following in his father’s footsteps, who as a teenager was part of a sound system called ‘Justice Sound’ known in North London, followed by a Garage/Grime collective known as the ‘Demlott Family’. Now the 27 year old artist is able to explore his diverse taste in music which is currently influenced by a wide variety of musical influences; , notably including artists such as Ab-Soul, Joey Badass, Skepta, and Musiq Soulchild.

Realmz is adding a neo-soul perspective with his latest hit titled “Chestnut Freestyle”. What we loved about this song was the dark element provided in the lyricism. Yet the lyrics still delivered a strong substantial meaning. Realmz doesn’t contain anything fraudulent about his artistry and he showcases that with an authentically arranged lyric arrangement. The way “Chestnut Freestyle” was composed wasn’t meant for the listener to just get “Crunk” too. I mean, of course the song had a banging energetic presence, but Chestnut’s Freestyle’s lyricism seems to be the main focus of the song. Which is great. We need more raw lyricists like Realmz. In a way this weaved between two sub-genres of rap,the neo-soul lyricists and the trap rappers. This combination was a lethal one, and the end result was musically deadly! Realmz is a unique rapper who grasped our attention off his complexed verses and detailed articulation.

Listen to "Chestnut Freestyle" here and get to know more about Realmz below!

Hey Realmz, welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers about yourself and your music?

Yooo it’s Realmz the Introverted Being!  I’m from Tottenham, London. Ive been taking music seriously for about 2 years now and Im just here to create, shed light and spread love and I do that through my music. I got the name Realmz cause I’m often just in my own world so to speak and travel different realms haha if you know you know. Different Realmz doing laps took a trip had to double back.

What would you like new fans to know about your music?

I bring a neo-soul perspective, combined with a psychedelic and trippy vibe, delivered with sharp witty raps over incredible music. I talk about my environment and real life experiences I’ve been through but deliver that in a palatable way. Just spreading love and good vibes. I have a diverse taste in music influenced by a wide variety of artists such as Ab-Soul, Joey Badass, Skepta and Musiq Soulchild. The list goes on...

Let’s talk about this super cool song “Chestnut Freestyle”. What was this record about?

I wrote this song on the plane on my way to Jamaica to see my Great Grandma who turned 100. It was an emotional year for me “This year its been crazy!” I lost a good friend at the start of the year to a car crash. RIP NRG! My best friend lost his Grandad the same day and my dad had a heart attack just before I flew out to Jamaica. So Chestnut Freestyle is an accumulation of all those emotions but but also sheds light on how I overcome these emotions and not just myself, everyone! 2018 was a crazy year for everyone I know. The artwork is actually a composition of the view from my Great Grandma’s house and the Chestnut tree from where I’m from in London. So it represents where I’m from within me.

How would you describe the lyrical arrangement in “Chestnut Freestyle”? Was there any specific styles you were aiming for?

Tbh I don’t really put much thought into arrangement when I’m writing. I just follow my vibe and go wherever it takes me. If it sounds right it sounds right and I just go with it haha but I wanted to start of slow and gradually build up. I feel how the song starts grabs listeners in terms of flow, delivery and the beat itself and then I switch up the flow half way in with the double rhyming and lil singing ting at the end.

What’s next for you Realmz?

I’m currently working on two EP’s. The first one I’m gonna release is called ‘RESET’. It represent a new beginning and I got a single ready to put out before that so keep your ears and eyes open. Also planning to drop some videos soon. I don’t stop writing so I got a lot on the way trust me. Just keep your third eyes open! 1619 forever!


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