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Rebecca McBride Balances Love, Life and Dreams In Her Amazing Debut Single, “Hours”

The Delaware-born, LA-based artist dazzles on her emotion-filled debut release.

LA-based musician Rebecca McBride is an up-and-coming artist who has written songs that have been featured on popular shows like “Love Is Blind,” “Selling Sunset,” and “The Hype.” Originally from Delaware, her artistic talent bloomed to even greater heights during the pandemic, leading her to relocate to LA to pursue her musical dreams eventually. With a rare creative flair for songwriting and smooth vocals that flutter gracefully over instrumentals, this rising star seems destined for great things.

A true artist at heart, McBride’s journey into music began at the remarkably young age of two. Nothing else, if not dedicated and true to her artistic passions, the artistic fire that inhabits her is part of why she’s been able to adapt to the industry and make her music seamlessly. Having majored in songwriting and film scoring at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, McBride’s highly honed skills ensure every release is a complete listening experience. If she can simply maintain the high standard she’s managed to hold herself to until now, the sky will truly be the limit.

“Hours,” McBride’s debut single, is a bittersweet love song that tugs at the heartstrings thanks to another standout vocal performance from McBride. Produced and co-written with esteemed producers The Jam (who’s collaborated with luminaries like Becky G and H.E.R), “Hours” is a heartfelt and honest introspective reflection on the challenges of navigating dreams, adulthoods, and relationships, sometimes all at once. Overdelicate instrumentals that set the stage for McBride’s vocals to shine, lines like “What happens if I never reach my stars / This magic that we’ve got could fall apart at the seams” captivate you thanks to McBride’s tender and emotional delivery. We couldn’t imagine a better debut for this rising star.

As Rebecca McBride prepares to take the music world by storm, we’ll watch for every new development. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Rebecca McBride’s debut single, “Hours,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Rebecca McBride! We loved "Hours"; what a fantastic debut! We had to ask where the inspiration for "Hours" came from, and when did you know it would be the song you debuted with?

Thank you so much for having me! While the session was being set up, my collaborators (Mike & Jordan from The Jam) and I discussed how even though I live with my boyfriend, I never see him because we're both so busy working full-time, pursuing music, and navigating our twenties. From that conversation, Jordan came up with the line, "Would you still feel the same as you do if I can't spend all of my hours with you?" From there, "Hours" was born.

A few months ago, I decided to release my first song this year and stop making excuses and allowing fear to dictate my life. Once I heard the first draft of the production, I knew "Hours" would be the song because it felt like me.

Although you're just making your official musical debut, you've been involved in the art since birth! Do you have any favorite music-related memories you're especially fond of?

It's hard to pick just one, but I enjoy music when it's shared. My favorite memories include performing at Carnegie Hall with my high school choir, placing 2nd at ICCA Finals with my a cappella group Upper Structure, and having my first magical co-write with my sync trio RJR. There's something so special about making music with others, especially when collaborators become friends and family. Those moments are my favorite.

What do you believe is the most essential quality for an artist to have?

It would be relatability, and I believe Taylor Swift is a great example. She inspired me to become an artist and songwriter because her songs were so personal. I hope that by sharing my life, listeners might relate to my music and feel understood as I did. But as I'm first jumping into artistry, I might change my mind! I still have a lot to learn.

What would you want it to be if your listeners could take away one thing from your music?

No one has it all figured out, and that's okay. All you can do is your best. Keep pursuing your dreams, and remember to enjoy the ride!

What's next for Rebecca McBride? Can we expect to hear more new music soon?

I always have new music in the pipeline! Hoping to have some more releases ready soon. Follow my socials to stay tuned for updates!


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