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Recording Artist Dani Nisim Releases Anticipated Single “Diamond Love"

Singer/songwriter Dani Nisim comes to us straight from the beautiful place of Los Angeles, CA. We took one listen to the type of sound Dani curates within her music, and we’re hooked. We know that Dani produces quality tracks, and tracks that can really get the listener off their feet, and wanting to do anything that can release the excess energy Dani’s songs give off. Electro-Pop fans will go crazy over this artist, as she sounds so similar to Mr Little Jeans, but with her own dynamic twist on the type of music they produce. We’re loving the sound, especially in her most recent single, which thankfully will give listeners a true idea of what Dani Nisim is all about.

Another great electro-pop single right in time for summer. Dani Nisim comes out with her latest single “Diamond Love” and I’m already preparing myself for hearing this on the radio as the newest summer bop. The catchy and entrancing beat immediately captures your attention, and then you’re hooked in once hearing Dani’s upbeat and buoyant melody and lyricism. It makes me want to tap my foot along with the beat—yes, one of those songs! It gave me some serious enchanting vibes with how whimsical Dani’s voice progresses within the track. We’re feeling lively and full of energy after “Diamond Love”—it’s the type of song I would want added to my workout playlist ASAP, I feel as if I could do a million squats to the beat of this track! And it can be so difficult to perfectly blend the lively aspect of a good workout song with quality lyricism on the artists part—we’re so used to the mediocrity in singles that can’t exactly get that aspect down.Dani Nisim is the prime example of an artist who can craft a beat, lyricism, and overall production with grace, and the knowledge of what the listener wants (needs) to hear. 

Listen to "Diamond Love" here and get to know more about Dani Nisim below!

Hello Dani! Tell us about how you knew the electro-pop genre was the route you wanted to take in the music industry?

Electro-pop and pop-R&B are the two main genres I’ve taken on in my career. Both of them have given me the opportunity to speak my truth, while still letting the audience vibe out and have fun. Rihanna is one of my biggest influences, as an artist, and her music ranges from all types of pop, r&b, reggae and so much more. Watching her career grow and take over, really moved me to take the reigns of my own career and write songs that make people feel empowered, understood, and inspired; all while keeping the music energetic and upbeat. 

What genre of music is your favorite to listen to?

Though I love main stream pop and r&b, I’ll always be a sucker for pop rock music. I grew up listening to Billy Joel and Elton John, and used their music as a tool to learn how to write songs and play piano. To this day they are still my favorite artists. 

Did the production of “Diamond Love” execute the way you initially envision?

The production of “Diamond Love” was actually one of the inspirations for the song! When JC, Clifford and I met up for our session, we sat down and listened to a bunch of different beats that Clifford laid out for us. The second we heard, what is now, “Diamond Love” we couldn’t help but sing out melodies and start throwing out ideas. The song is full of different influences and experiences each of us has had, along with some clever word play.

If you could go back and change anything about your artistic career so far, what would you change?

Though I have had some “interesting” experiences in this industry,to say the least, I don’t think I would change a thing. Every experience I’ve had has helped me grow as an artist, and has pushed me out of my comfort zone and has driven me to discover my identity as an artist. If I could tell my past self one thing, it would be to stop relying on other people to make things happen, the power was always in your hands.


What are your plans for the rest of 2019 musically?

For the rest of 2019, I plan to release a few more singles and song collabs I’ve done with other artists! I’m beyond excited to release my next single “Chase You”, which was produced by Scott Storch and co-written with Joelle James. I also plan to do a ton of live performances in the next few month, dates will be announced ASAP!! 


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