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Red Reign Returns with a Blistering Rendition of "Not That Way"

Hailing from Richmond, VA, the rocking quartet Red Reign returns with a fiery rendition of their smash hit, "Not That Way."

We've gotten to hear the stylings of Carlton "Bubba" McMichael, Sammy Lee, Larry Moore, and Stevie Shred on one occasion last year, and the band stopped at nothing until they left their mark on the industry. With a continuously growing fanbase, Red Reign is ready to explore its musical future.

Now releasing a blazing remix for their recent single, "Not That Way," Red Reign soaks our speakers in primal heat and energy with each scorching element of this rendition. While offering the same power and persistence as the original song, we can hear more of a contemporary sound through the band's latest remix.

Opening "Not That Way (Remix)" are the same blazing layered guitars from Bubba and Stevie Shred, fueling the remix with energy from the jump. While Bubba begins vocalizing rather conceptual lyricism of watching a past lover grow more successful with each day apart, it's no doubt that Red Reign can paint dense and solid lyrical images.

What we love about this remix is the contemporary rock feel. The original sound offered a blistering 80s rock feel, while this rendition highlights Red Reign's instrumental versatility as they power through with modern tones and elements. Blasting to the outro with might and energy, Red Reign has genuinely offered an exhilarating experience with their latest remix of their smash hit.

Find Red Reign's powerful remix of "Not That Way" on all digital streaming platforms, and keep track of the quartet as they take on more musical ventures throughout 2021.

We're excited to have you back to chat about the latest remix of your single, "Not That Way." What inspired your band to create a modern remix of your original single?

Thanks for having me back and great to talk to you again. The inspiration comes from two things. We keep getting asked about this song, so we decided to update the sound just a little and re-release it as the start of a new campaign for the band. The next step is to release new music that we have ready to go as well.

What changes or updates did you make to the sonics and instrumentals within the remix for "Not That Way?"

So we did not change the song too much, we made the sound stronger and full in the new mix. The guitars are more at the forefront, while the drums and bass levels were brought up in the new mix as well, which now represents a fuller edgier sound from the original mix.

What was it like working with producer Chuck Alkazian for the remix of "Not That Way?” How was this process different from your previous collaboration for the original single?

Working with Chuck so far has been amazing. Just like working with David Ivory, Chuck has been instrumental not only with the remake BUT with the new songs we are recording. What I really love about working with Chuck, is the fact that he is totally engaged in the project. I talk to Chuck at least once a week so we are always on the same page. So far, the process from our previous collaboration to this one was a smooth transition as both David and Chuck let the band do what we need, BUT they will add their input when needed. We have been so lucky so far to work with the talents of David Ivory and now Chuck Alkazian.

Through your previous interview with us, you mentioned that you're hoping to release a full-length album or EP. Do you still have a project in the works?

YES, YES, and YES. LOL. We have been writing and started recording new music. We have not made the final decision yet on a full-length Album or another EP. We have a lot of new great ideas, so we want to take our time and put out the best songs we can.''

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