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Reese Taylor Captures a Relationship's Highs and Lows In, "Over Under"

The Cali-based singer-songwriter and producer Reese Taylor brings listeners on another heartfelt and dynamic journey with the release of her soothing single, "Over Under."

Accumulating over 100k streams from her debut EP, 'Focus,' Reese Taylor's music has managed to make its way into the hearts of international audiences. Writing, composing, and producing all of her sounds/visuals, Reese Taylor is also an active philanthropist as she continues to run two non-profit organizations while also acting as a powerful advocate for Lyme Disease awareness.

Expanding on her latest single, "Over Under," Reese Taylor carefully explores the ups and downs of a relationship while allowing listeners to find a piece of themselves within the song's somber storyline. Whether listeners correlate the song's theme with their intimate, platonic, or family relationships, Reese Taylor makes them feel all the more welcome through her detailed expression surrounding a connection's highs and lows.

As we hit play on the single, "Over Under," the song opens with a melancholy electric guitar, picking its way to our hearts. As Reese Taylor enters the song with her delicate vocal stylings, she begins letting us into a sad and introspective story of feeling out of place during a relationship. We adore the soothing stylings of Reese Taylor's vocals, as she offers a breathy and fragile tone similar to Billie Eilish, whose vocals ache and groan with the utmost emotion.

While Taylor continues to sing of both parties feeling broken or out of place, the calming instrumentals continue to sonically serenade our ears while leaving us in a dream-like and reflective state. Meeting the outro, Reese Taylor's background vocals offer this transcendent and haunting appeal that ends the song on a note of self-examination.

Find peace and clarity with help from Reese Taylor's emotional single, "Over Under," and share some love with the rest of her well-received discography available on all streaming platforms.

Hello Reese and welcome to BuzzMuisc. We genuinely appreciate the heartfelt tones and introspective lyricism within your latest single, "Over Under." Where did you find the inspiration to write/create this vulnerable and reflective tune?

I wanted to make a song that reflects how distance feels in a relationship. I think during lockdown we all felt disconnected and distant so I used this song as a way to express that feeling.

What was your songwriting process like for "Over Under?" Did you face any personal challenges when opening your heart for listeners to connect?

As a young artist, I am still testing the waters finding out my sound. I think ‘Over Under’ is the first song I am releasing that has a transparent and vulnerable side to it which I am hoping will resonate with my listener.

What inspired the soothing and calming sonics for "Over Under?" Why did you want the instrumentals to surround the fluid and tender electric guitar?

I wanted this song to let the lyrics and my vocals shine so I wanted to make sure that the surrounding production was simple and effortless. I think when wanting to make a song more personal, the song itself must have the emotion in the vocals and lyrics be the center of the song.


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