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“Rehearsal” By Zitro Will Have You Vibing For Days

Zitro, also known as Justin Ortiz, is a singer/songwriter and producer from Bronx, New York. His unique and finely-calibrated works will take the music industry by storm. The multi-talented Zitro is a vivid and creative artist. His ambition and career driven attitude led him to produce several singles, two albums and three EPs!

Heavy bass and mysterious whispers get you instantly addicted to Zitros hit “Rehearsal”, a single off his third EP “Stage Fright”. His expansive range and accomplished vocals come in early on a blow me away! The lyricism is an introspective look at Zitro’s career. The vulnerability is evident. I’d love to know the inspiration behind the song writing. Zitros strives to reach out to younger generations and discuss issues like depression and human struggle. “Rehearsal” develops into a very unique R&B beat with electronic undertones and detailed arrangements of sounds and intricate details. The production of the vocal harmonies are impressive. His voice reminds me of the late and great Prince or is even comparable to Frank Ocean.  “Rehearsal” is a pure breath of fresh air and a unique and eclectic sign of the wonderful things to come from Zitro. It’s a catchy pop song that should be on everyone’s summer playlist. With so much knowledge and success already, we can’t wait to hear wat Zitro does next. He is currently working on more music projects and videos and we’re here for it!

Listen to "Rehearsal" here and get to know more about Zitro below!

Hi Justin! How did you create your stage name “Zitro”?

Zitro was part of an email address that my parents used, and I thought it was clever that my last name “Ortiz” sounded so cool backwards. It started out as Jay Zitro, but that sounds too similar to Jay-Z. I’m finding out now that I’m not the only artist named Zitro out there. There are a lot of them making music under that name. So the challenge is to be the best Zitro in the game. 

Can you tell us more about the meaning behind the lyrics in “Rehearsal”?

The EP “Stage Fright” which that song is apart of is a whole story line that tackles the subject of an independent artist’s struggle and journey in music. The title “Rehearsal” talks about having to deal with preparing a show on your own, without the right equipment and space needed, along with other roadblocks. It’s really about starving artists. 

What are three things you wants your fans and readers to know about you?

1) I’m very politically incorrect, so try to laugh along with my songs when you hear something crazy.

2) I’m an only child. 

3) I’m the shy and quiet guy in real life, but I want to be everybody’s friend.

Your vocal range in incredible! What age did you begin singing?

I’ve taken vocal lessons as a child but I didn’t take it seriously until my teenage years, and then I took online lessons. Nowadays, I just listen to what sounds good in music and I try to mimic the greatness until I can do it. 

What’s your writing and production process like? What comes first the lyrics or the music?

In most cases, the music. I use the Michael Jackson method, which involves putting an idea or sound on tape before it escapes your head. Lyrics are easy for me, so I like getting the hard part out of the way first.

What's next for you through 2019?

Writing as many songs as I can until the year ends. I also have a collaboration with Taffy T, a friend from the UK. Stay tuned for that one. 


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